Ex-Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Manu Punjabi Is Getting Fond Of Someone - Should His Fiancé Be Worried?

Manu Punjabi’s love for his fiancé Piku is known to all. The Bigg Boss 10 ex-contestant went all gaga about her inside the house. But here’s a development which we hope isn’t true...

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Ex-Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Manu Punjabi Is Getting Fond Of Someone - Should His Fiancé Be Worried?

Recently, Big Boss 10 ex- contestant Manu Punjabi made an announcement on his Instagram about an upcoming reality show 'Date To Remember' which he will be judging along with his co-contestant Nitibha Kaul and Sab TV show Yaaro Ka Tashan actress Mahira Sharma.

Looks like Manu has taken the concept of his show a little too seriously. Well yes, Manu Punjabi has been observed getting quite close to one of his co-judges and it’s not Nitibha. It’s Mahira Sharma, who BTW, is dating another TV actor Abhsihek Sharma. He is the same boy who played Hrithik Roshan’s younger brother in his debut film, Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai.

Manu recently went to watch a movie with someone and to our surprise it was not his fiancé Piku. On drilling further, we found out it was none other than Mahira Sharma. Now, you might say that it was just a movie and friends too go out for movie dates, well agreed, they do! And we’re really hoping that it was just a friendly plan.

However, it’s not just once. SpotboyE.com has learnt that Manu and Mahira have been spotted partying together many a times. Their closeness can also be observed from their social posts as they keep updating their candid moments on their Instagram account. Take a look:

Interestingly, Manu has been quite vocal about his love for his fiancé Priya Saini aka Piku. Throughout the show (Bigg Boss 10) Manu kept talking about her to fellow contestants. Even after coming out of the house, Manu posted videos of his holiday with her and shared his relationship with the world. On the other hand, Mahira too is said to be quite serious with her boyfriend Abhishek.

A few days back, reports were coming in about Manu calling it quits with Priya as she is interfering a lot in his career decisions and also getting insecure of a ‘certain’ woman. However, Manu denied the news and said, “This is totally untrue. I have no idea who is spreading such baseless news. Priya and I are very much together.”

As far as Manu Punjabi and Mahira Sharma are concerned, well, we just wish they are close only as good friends and this bond is not a reason for Piku and Abhishek to be worried about.

Image Source: instagram/manupunjabim3