Farnaz Shetty On Actors Commiting Suicide: 'I Don't Agree That Celebrities Are Easy Targets Of Depression'- EXCLUSIVE

Farnaz Shetty speaks about the importance of mental health and also how actors are not an easy target of depression

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Farnaz Shetty On Actors Commiting Suicide: 'I Don't Agree That Celebrities Are Easy Targets Of Depression'- EXCLUSIVE
Popular actress Farnaz Shetty, who has done shows like Veera, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum and awaiting release of her Tamil film Rose Garden, has studied Psychology in her graduation and feels people overlook mental happiness a lot. 

She says, "Very few people are aware that I have studied psychology and that has helped me a lot in my life and in my profession. I feel mental health is very important. Only if you are mentally happy, you will  be able to take care of your physical health. Physical health does not take much time to be taken care of but mental health needs your attention. Mental health is overlooked by many people and one should go deeper into it.” ALSO READ: Sanya Malhotra On Insider And Outsider Debate In Bollywood: 'There Were Times Of Depression But I Never Gave Up On My Dreams'-EXCLUSIVE

Farnaz further adds,"People do show off a lot as physical growth is visible, but whatever is going in our mind no one can read that. If you want to be happy one should give more time and focus on mental happiness. People are more into impressing each other with their physical improvement. So we go to the gym and make ourselves presentable similarly we should invest in our mental happiness.” ALSO READ: Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dhoni Co-Star Sandeep Nahar Dies By Suicide; Khandaani Shafakhana Director Says 'He Was A Talented Actor'

So what should one do to achieve peace of mind. “In today’s fast world we are busy working for money. They often neglect what's going on within themselves. All the big health issues come from your mind. So it's important to know your likes and dislikes and be with people who know you. People who show love to you, be with them. Basically be happy.”  

On the topic of celebrities going into depression, Farnaz has a different point of view. 

“I don’t agree that celebrities are easy targets of mental depression. Depression can happen to anyone. A public personality's life is open for all so people get to know things easily. And also most of the actors leave their family and  come to fulfil their dreams so at times they are lonely. They don’t have their loved ones with whom they can share things. Despite the good physical conditions they live in,  celebs do suffer from depression.” Farnaz also shares three remedies for depression. 

“Three tips for mental well-being would be - there should be one person in your life with whom you feel loved and do not feel left out. With whom you can share everything. It could be your parents, your best friend or your life partner. Second thing - understand yourself, it’s a long process. Try to write about yourself. I acknowledge my liking and disliking and keep a note and don’t let that happen again. And lastly keep yourself physically busy.”

In the last few years unfortunately the showbiz world has seen many untimely deaths either by depression or for some other issues. Farnaz feels very bad when she get to hear all this as she adds, "I get very upset when I get to hear suicide cases. People  are so helpless that they take the extreme step. A helping hand, love and proper guidance could have saved their life. Do not allow someone to give you stress, there was a time when I used to allow but not anymore. There is only one life: be a fighter to your problems. You are the master of your own mind. Have a command on it. Don’t let it over power you through your temporary emotions.”

Image source: Instagram/farnazshetty