Gauahar Khan SLAMS Rakhi Sawant For Making Fun Of Islam? Actress Says, ‘Wearing Horrendous Looking Abayas Doesn’t Make U Muslim’

Gauahar Khan took a subtle dig at Rakhi Sawant and schooled people for making fun of Islam by using the religion in her relationship drama

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Gauahar Khan SLAMS Rakhi Sawant For Making Fun Of Islam? Actress Says, ‘Wearing Horrendous Looking Abayas Doesn’t Make U Muslim’
Rakhi Sawant has been ruling the headlines with her antiques and her relationship dramas with her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani. She was seen wearing an Abaya after her return from Umrah. In the videos that went viral after, she was also seen urging the paparazzi surrounding her to call her Fatima instead of Rakhi. Now, actress Gauahar Khan who has been pretty vocal about her love for her religion, took to her official social media handle to take a subtle dig at her.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Gauahar shared a post by Dohanews which stated that Qatar Charity sent 20 Somali orphans to Umrah. She went on to take a dig at ‘losers’ for taking Islam for granted and making a joke out of the holy pilgrimage. She went on to wonder how a ‘drama hungry person’ got the chance to visit Mecca and ‘use it to create more drama.’ She added, “One minute u have accepted Islam, the next minute ‘oh I didn’t do it willingly’... what bull shit.” ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant 'Fatima' Urges Salman Khan To Perform Umrah In New VIRAL Video! Gets Slammed For Making A Mockery Of Holy Place Like Mecca-WATCH


The 40-year-old actress went on to school Rakhi by stating that she doesn't deserve to understand the beauty of Islam if she can discard it or accept it when it suits her ‘publicity hungry stunts’ She went on to urge a board of Islam in India or Saudi to take action against such stunts. She also expressed that wearing ‘horrendous looking abayas’ doesn’t make one a Muslim, but having an understanding of 5 pillars of Islam does. ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Receives A Floral Welcome On Airport After Her Return From Umrah! Says 'Rakhi Nahi Fatima Bolo'-WATCH

For the unversed, after tying the knot in 2022, Rakhi and Adil’s relationship fell apart when she accused him of extra-marital affairs, sexual harassment and physical abuse. She went on to allege that he also mishandled her funds and accused him of killing her mother by not paying for her cancer treatment when the actress was busy shooting for Bigg Boss Marathi season 4. She filed an FIR against him under sections 406, 420 498 (A), and 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 
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