Girl In The City 2: Meera Sehgal's House Is Full Of Confusion & Chaos!

This week's episode tickles your funny bone as Kartik, Kiran and Areem land at Meera's house without each other's knowledge and in an attempt to hide one from another, Meera's house turns into a big mess...

The 9th episode of Girl In The City 2 is all about confusion and chaos.

Meera, come back to her house in the night only to find Kartik cooking. Of course, on knowing that she is not allowed to get any outsider in her apartment, Mera gets alarmed and freaks out.

Meanwhile, Kartik is trying to appease her when the doorbell rings. Tensed Meera then shoves Kartik into a bedroom. And guess who was at the door? Well, it was Areem, who in her usual style lands there uninformed with no driver, no phone and no responsibility.

Meera Finds Kartik Cooking In Her House

Fearing that Areema will find out about Kartik being under the same roof, Meera tells her they can go back to Areem’s house but Areem being Areem, she settles on the couch when the doorbell rings again.

When Areem goes to the door she looks through the peephole and panics. It’s Kiran! Areem also freaks out because she knows she will face hell if Kiran comes to know she came out without telling anyone.

With no other option left, Meera begs Areem not to shout or say anything as she shoves her into her bedroom.

When Kiran enters the apartment, he appears a bit uncomfortable as he keeps contradicting himself by saying things like- he appreciates Meera for spending time with Areem but then says that there is no obligation to do so as she is a talented designer but not an irreplaceable one.

The conversation goes on turning into a funny sequence of events, where Meera has to constantly shift one person from one room to the other room because of a toilet emergency or claustrophobic or other silly excuses.

Kartik Areem And Kiran Find All Three Of Themselves In Meera's House

Till finally it all comes crashing down in the confusion and all three discover each other in Meera’s house.


Image Source: facebook/bindass