Imlie Actor Mayuri Deshmukh On Playing Versatile Characters - EXCLUSIVE

From playing a 17-year-old brat to playing a poised woman who turns grey, here's why Mayuri Deshmukh is truly a shape-shifting actor

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Imlie Actor Mayuri Deshmukh On Playing Versatile Characters - EXCLUSIVE
Television actors often get stereotyped, which makes them lose out on their real identity as an actor who is much more beyond what they see on screen. But, the case is slightly different in the case of Mayuri Deshmukh who has had an amazing repertoire in her wonderful journey of more than a decade in showbiz. The actress who had the fortune of playing vivid roles right from a 17-year old spoilt brat to a poised Malini the actress has truly established herself as one of the most versatile actresses in the fraternity.

When asked about how she compares the roles that she has played to date, and how she manages to portray the same emotion differently through two different characters. To which she shares  "The roles that I have done till date were different from the other ones I have done before. Just before this, I did a play where I played a 17-year-old teenager who was born and brought up in Atlanta whereas here Malini is a sensible and independent girl who is born and brought up in Delhi. Her sensibility is different, she is minimalistic and different. Even when she is angry she will use her tone in a very different way. Whenever there were scenes where Malini had to get angry, my director always told me to find a tone or a note where Malini is angry yet not rude, no matter how angry she is! That quality of hers is very different from the roles that I have done; where her emotions and her anger are coated with her calmness and I find that very interesting." Also read: Mayuri Deshmukh Wins The International Iconic Awards 2021 For Being The Most Versatile Actress Of Indian Television

Perhaps, it is difficult for actors to shapeshift and mould themselves smoothly, especially when they are a part of the project which goes on for an indefinite period of time. But the way Mayuri has worked through it, and has taken us through the journeys of her respective characters has been smooth and the mark of a brilliant actor. Also read: Imlie Actress Mayuri Deshmukh Pens Down Emotional Poem On Her Husband Aashutosh Bhakre's Birthday Who Died By Suicide Last Year

On the professional front, the undisputed female superstar of Marathi Cinema is currently winning hearts as Malini in Imlie!

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