Kamya, Daljit, Aashka, Narayani & Sneha LASH OUT: CASTRATE Men Who MASTURBATE In Public

Voices range from, “I’m f*cking angry” and “I would have beaten the b*stard” to “He is ill and mentally unstable.” Television’s firebrand ladies mince no words in expressing their disgust at the ghastly incident where a man masturbated in front of Sumeet Raghavan's wife. Read on...

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Kamya, Daljit, Aashka, Narayani & Sneha LASH OUT: CASTRATE Men Who MASTURBATE In Public

A man was recently arrested by the Mumbai Police for masturbating in front of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai star Sumeet Raghavan's wife Chinmayee Surve. The news sent chills through everyone’s spine and the Twitterati erupted in anger.

SpotboyE.com spoke to television’s femme fatales, who are shocked as hell. The firebrand ladies mince no words in expressing their disgust at the ghastly incident. Read on...

Kamya Punjabi
kamya punjabi

It’s disturbing! There’s so much happening in our city, in our country... infants/kids are getting raped and molested. I’m angry! I’m f*cking angry as hell. Had it happened in front of me, I would have beaten the b*stard then and there.

Daljeet Kaur
daljeet kaur bhanot

This is very shameful. This man needs treatment. He is clearly ill and mentally unstable. Women of today are strong and don’t get affected by these shameful men. By indulging in such shameful acts, these men are just showing the kind of upbringing they have had. It’s really sad!

Aashka Goradia
aashka goradia

I can only wish there could be some way for treating these sick people. Shutting them up behind bars would drive them over the edge. That might not be the best solution to the problem, I feel. Our judiciary is well respected, and very able. Only they should decide how to punish the offender. This man is a psychopath, he is not a normal person, and his point of realisation is different to that of a normal person.

Narayani Shastri
narayani shastri

Castration is the answer🤬

Sneha Wagh
sneha wagh

This is also a kind of sexual abuse, and trust me, it’s not the first time I’m hearing of it. But I’m glad that action was taken immediately and the offender was arrested. It’s high time that women stood up against any and all kinds of abuse. We should have our own versions of the international #MeToo & #TimesUp campaigns. I feel the time is really up against the harassment of women!


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