Manya Singh Gets EVICTED From Bigg Boss 16; Netizens REJOICE, Write, ‘Manya Singh Had So Much Filth In Her Mind’

Manya Singh’s eviction from Bigg Boss 16 is being celebrated by the internet

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Manya Singh Gets EVICTED From Bigg Boss 16; Netizens REJOICE, Write, ‘Manya Singh Had So Much Filth In Her Mind’
Former Miss India runner-up Manya Singh was the recent Bigg Boss 16 contestant to get evicted from the show after her ugly spat with Soundarya Sharma. Her baseless allegations and nasty words towards Sharma had left the viewers disgusted of her thought process.

It all started when Manya and Soundarya got into a heated argument and the former accused the later of getting jobs because of casting couch and passed derogatory comments on her character. Fans were left shocked by her comments. Post her eviction, some fans came out in support of her stating that Sumbul Touqeer Khan, who was also nominated, should have been evicted since Manya had already started playing the game. Many rejoiced the fact that she was evicted. 

One person pointed out that Manya represents the young girls of India, and passing such comments should not be tolerable. They wrote, “You #ManyaSingh Represting all Indian Girl's out there and you had so much filth in ur mind n such low class words it was really not tolerable. Atleast #SumbulTouqeerKhan never used a bad word till now in game she was and is playing game 100times betr then u #BiggBoss16” 

Replying to her recent interview post eviction, a twitterati wrote, “speak for yourself b!tch you're j frustrated that you're fail to create a love angle w gautam. i'm fuckin surprised how's she even became miss india runner up like she always put another girl down j to be clear w her baseless opinions.” Another wrote, “I think #bigboss humiliated and insulted #SoundaryaSharma using #ManyaSingh. This was not done and they tried the character assassination of the model. #ManyaSingh definitely has a lots of shit in her brain because she is a evil woman. She has a grudge against #Soundarya .”

Check out the tweets below:

Even, former contestant Gauahar Khan expressed her disgust at Manya’s behaviour. She took to Twitter to say that Miss India should sign a contract with their contestants “to never use their title as something to talk with pride in reality shows where they actually project themselves as such negative , low thinking individuals.”

Manya was the second contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 16 after Sreejita De. She alsong with Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Shalin Bhanot were nominated this week by the former lost because of lack of votes and support.

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