Nitibha Kaul Gets TROLLED For Wearing Hot Pants Outside Hanuman Temple

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Nitibha Kaul posed in shorts outside Hanuman’s birth place recently. No sooner did she posted the picture on Instagram, trolls began slut-shaming her for her act

Former Bigg Boss contestant Nitibha Kaul has been trolled on social media for having worn hotpants outside a temple. Not only have netizens trolled her but the actress has also been slut-shamed on social media.

Nitibha posted a picture in crop top and hotpants near a hoarding that read Hanuman Janmabhumi. She posted the picture and captioned it, "There, where Hanuman was born #NitibhaTravels #Gokarna #IncredibleIndia #Hanuman."

nithibha trolled

Nitibha Kaul Trolled

Kaul was quick enough to respond to those who flooded her social media with hate comments. She took to her Insta story and wrote, “Hey As*****. You deserve to be lynched in public. You know what that means? Haha Google it you illiterate person- maybe that will expand your GK, because the rest of the time, i’m sure you’d be spreading dirt on people’s instagram. You are the reason this country is considered unsafe for women- sick sad men like you, who get joy by saying shit- I only pray you find true happiness- because you clearly need it. Happy Healing! (sic)”

Kaul also posted another photo in a bid to silence her critics. She wrote, “To the ones who understand – ❤️ To the ones who don’t- Namaste (sic)”

Image Source: instagram/nitibhakaul