OMG: Hothead Karan Patel Cross-Dresses As SEXY Gulabo!

You won’t believe this is Karan Patel! Check out the new promo of his serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein where Karan is all set to turn Gulabo...
Karan Patel is always in news for losing his temper on someone or the other. He is surely one of the hot headed celebs in the Television circuit. And when someone with that kind of image cross-dresses, you ought to be SHOCKED!

Take a look as Karan Patel has turned Gulabo for his television drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Karan even requested his fans to show Gulabo some love as he isn't sure how it would turn out to be. It's the first time in his life that he has done an act like this.

Interestingly, Karan has never ever let go off his macho image throughout the show. Not just on-screen, off the screen also he is pretty rough.

In fact, a few months back, at the Star Parivaar Awards, the 'Most Difficult Star of Indian Television' and 'The Bad Boy Of Indian Television' Karan Patel paralysed everyone around with shock when he suddenly caught hold of an office boy from a leading channel and started beating him black and blue.

No amount of intervention could arrest Karan's aggression, and it was only after he had ended his (unpardonable) outburst that he realised that he had bashed up someone whom he 'mistook' for someone else! Although he later apologised, but his violent side is always on an alert!

But now that he is going to put on a female garb and become Gulabo for YHM's upcoming episodes, maybe people around him will get a relief from his evergreen violent streak!

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/karan9198