OMG! Swami Om Changes Clothes Right In The Middle Of Delhi Railway Station!

One of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om, is trying to grab eyeballs even after the show having gotten over

Swami Om has been one of the most talked about contestants of this season's Bigg Boss. He was termed as the king of controversies by the media, as every episode he was there inside the house, he did something or the other to make headlines. Now that the show is over, a video of Swami Om changing clothes at the Delhi railway station is going viral.

The self proclaimed Swami is seen disrobing himself in front of a huge crowd. People who saw him doing that started taking videos of his act – but no one went ahead and asked him to go and change privately inside a waiting/rest room.

For those who’ve come in late, Swami Om was the most irritating contestant inside the Bigg Boss house this season. Not just the other contestants, even celebrity host Salman Khan was might pissed by his actions. After being asked to mend his ways quite a few times, he was finally chucked out of Bigg Boss.

Manveer Gurjar, who was presumed to be a simple guy from Noida, went on to win the show. However, it was after the show that his true colours came out in the public. He had maintained throughout the show that he was unmarried, and his equation with Nitibha Kaul was spoken about a lot. But the day he won, there were pics and videos from his wedding which started doing the rounds of social media. On being questioned about the same, he even went on to accept that he is married.

Guess, Bigg Boss is always going to have publicity-hungry people and full-on liars!

Thumbnail Image Source: twitter/biggboss & youtube/salmanbigfanclub