Piyush Sahdev: My Father & Brother Had To Stand In Queue For Hours To Meet Me In Jail

Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev opens up about his jail term, how it affected his family and his desire to make a comeback on TV

Piyush Sahdev, who shot to fame with shows such as Devanshi and Beyhadh was arrested in November last year after a 23-year-old model accused him of rape. Six days later, he was sent to judicial custody for 24 days to Arthur Road Jail. The actor finally secured bail on December 21.

Months later, Piyush has finally opened up about his time in jail and how his family was affected.

Talking about his family’s reaction to seeing him incarcerated, he told a leading daily, “When you go to jail, you don’t go alone. It’s almost like the whole family is going in with you. My brother (actor Girish Sahdev) and father visited me once. They had to stand in the queue from 8 am for four hours to be able to meet me.”

Piyush Sahdev

Piyush Sahdev

“I am glad I have such a supportive family and friends who took care of me after I came back. I practised chants and meditation in jail, and that has helped me a lot now that I’m back to work,” he added.

But now, Piyush wants to make a comeback. The actor revealed “I have played challenging characters and I am looking forward to similar roles. I want people to view me as a talented actor who can pull off performance-oriented roles. I have started getting calls for work, And I realised ki main jo soch raha tha ki log mujhe kis nazar se dekhenge, waisa kuch tha hi nahi. I am working on myself again. I want to thank all those who supported me".

Piyush also stated that instead of harbouring negativity, he chose to come out a positive person. “Most people who spend time inside jail turn bitter and come out with a vow to seek revenge. I could have either turned that or remained positive. I decided to be the latter.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, SpotboyE.com exclusively told you that Piyush’s estranged wife, Akangsha Rawat, has filed a third case against him for “cheating her for money”.

Piyush Sahdev With Wife

Piyush Sahdev With His Estranged Wife, Akangsha Rawat

The actor has allegedly not returned the money he took from Akangsha and her father. The estranged couple will soon fight it out in court.

Image Source: instagram/piyushsahdev_fc