REVEALED: Why Daljeet Kaur Dropped Charges Against Shaleen Bhanot!

For those who thought that Shaleen Bhanot was innocent, this piece of news is for you

Earlier this month, Shaleen Bhanot was given a clean chit by the Bombay High Court against all charges levied against him by ex-wife, TV actress Daljeet Kaur, including dowry harassment, attempt to murder and domestic violence (Shaleen Bhanot Walks Free, Court Clears Domestic Violence Charges, Oct 5). At the time, a happy Shaleen took to Twitter to say, “I thank everyone who's stood by me in my tuff days n me n my family r really thankful to God to have come out of all the problems for good (sic).

Needless to say, his family, friends and fans were delighted as an ‘innocent’ Shaleen walked free. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but, this piece of news will shock you. has it that Daljeet and he had an out of court settlement. Speculations are rife that Shaleen gave Daljit a few crores to put an end to the matter.

When asked about the settlement, Daljeet said, “He gave me some money but not a huge amount. I didn’t see the point of it all. Going to the court time and again would have been a waste of time and energy. Also, my parents adviced me to end the matter.”

Daljeet and Shaleen met on the sets of 
TV show Kulvaddhu in 2006. It wasn’t love at first sight; the couple got closer overtime and finally tied the knot after winning Nach Baliye in 2009. According to Daljeet, trouble started brewing the very next day. She alleged that he did not partake in caring for their newborn son and also assaulted her often. Finally, the two filed for divorce in July this year.

We are coming back in a couple of hours with an explosive interview with Daljeet Kaur. Don't go away.

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/shaleenbhanot/dalljieetkaur