Scared, Are You? This TV Hottie In A Ghostly Disguise Is...

If Anushka Sharma scared the wits out of you in Pari, then this TV actress has similar plans. Can you guess who she is?

We have seen it more than often, that actors keep experimenting with their looks. Sometimes it’s pleasant and other times, well, let’s just say scary, in this case.

This TV hottie recently, shot for a promotional activity for a news channel, in a ghostly avatar. By the looks of it, we think she is heavily inspired by Anushka Sharma’s character in recently released, Pari.

But can you guess who this hottie is?

helly shah
Helly Shah

Well, it’s none other than Helly Shah. And another twist to the tale is that this disguise is not for any role of a spirit or ghost, but Helly is playing a poor girl’s character in the activity.

Hmm, we wonder if the look went wrong for that one, as she looks more ghostly than poor to us.

Image Source: instagram/hellyholics