SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASE: Shilpa Shinde's Bhabiji Actors & Other Colleagues In A Tizzy speaks to those who matter in the Shilpa Shinde sexual harassment case against her Bhabi JI... producer Binaifer Kohli's husband Sanjay
Shilpa Shinde has been an important part of Chidiya Ghar, Lapata Ganj and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. We sppke to the TV industry to know their recaction to Shilpa Shinde's shocking charges accusing Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Binaifer Kohli's husband Sanjay for sexually harassing her...

director shashank bali speaks on shilpa shinde sexual harassment case
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Shashank Bali (Director, Bhabi Ji...): I am aware of this, but I can't talk about it for now. My mother is on a ventilator in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital and she is very critical.

bhabiji-ghar-par-hai-aahsif sheikh speaks on shilpa shinde sexual harassment case
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Aahsif Sheikh (Actor, Bhabi Ji...): I am extremely shocked. I have known Sanjay since 20-25 years. He is a very decent and dignified man. He hardly came on the sets. In the last 2 years, I must not have seen him on the sets more than 8-10 times. I don't know the details of the problems between Shilpa and Kohlis. This has gone to another level. 

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Debina Bonnerjee (Actor, Chidiya Ghar...): It's hard to believe. Let it sink in first. You guys are the first to inform me about this. It has shaken me up. I don't want to talk about Shilpa even though I did work with her in Bhabi Ji.... She got a big backlash after quitting the show. I don't know Sanjay much since I have just interacted with him very little.

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Rohitashv Gaud (Bhabi Ji, Actor): It's a personal fight between Shilpa and Kohlis. What else can I say?

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Ashwini Dheer (Producer, Chidiya Ghar): I am not aware about this news, but if it has happened, I don't want to say anything about Shilpa.

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Abbas Khan (Actor, Lapataganj): I have hardly worked with Shilpa. All I can say is that Shilpa and Kohlis should resolve their issues close. We all are working in the same industry.

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