Shilpa Shinde 'BASH'ES Hina Khan: I WON'T INVITE Her For My Bigg Boss 11 Party

It's not over yet between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Shilpa drops a bomb saying that she might have a party to celebrate her Bigg Boss 11 triumph--- but she wouldn't like to see Hina in that revelry

Party toh banti hai, Shilpa Shinde has won Bigg Boss 11 which, in her EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with yesterday, she described as her big comeback on Indian television. "It has given me my place back on TV," she had said.

shilpa shinde
Shilpa Shinde

"I don't want to meet Hina but if I ever see her, I will definitely say 'Hello' or 'Hi' to her. Bas utna hi. Cordial main hamesha rahungi unske saath, lekin isse jyaada nahin. If I throw a party or have a get-together, I am not going to call her," she had also said--- and this we did not include in the Q & A published last night.

shilpa shinde and hina khan
Shilpa Shinde And Hina Khan

Oh, so is she planning a party to celebrate her Bigg Boss 11 smashing win (over Vikas Gupta & Hina), which she accomplished on Sunday? Pat came Shilpa's reply, "Of course, I am. Let me settle down a bit and then I shall talk to my brother and chalk out the programme. I think I'll be calling every other Bigg Boss 11 contestant," she asserted.

So, Hina. You are NOT INVITED for Shilpa's bash if and when it happens.

hina khan
Hina Khan

By the way, Hina Khan in her EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW to us published 
on Tuesday, had said rather categorically,"Shilpa doesn't want to meet me? I am ready to even work with her." But we wonder if Hina will hold this sentiment after reading this story!


Image Source:Twitter/HinaKhan