Siddharth Sagar: I Am Not Bipolar But My Parents Gave Me Medicine For It

After being missing for 4 months, comedian Siddharth Sagar called a press conference. Read on to know more...

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Siddharth Sagar: I Am Not Bipolar But My Parents Gave Me Medicine For It
Comedian Siddharth Sagar held a press conference yesterday and spoke about his ill health and how he went missing for 4 months. Siddharth said, “The video which I had recently posed, where I am saying I am really worried is the situation I’ve been going through since last 4 years. But what happened in between was, I never wanted to get my family into this matter. We’ve had some serious problems going inside our family which I wanted to be solved between us only.”

Rumour has it that Siddharth has been bipolar. While talking about this, Siddharth retorted, “When I started with my Comedy Classes, I started feeling low, I didn’t have energy in my body, I started gaining weight. Then i was put on medication. Without my knowledge, I was put on Bipolar disorder medication and to overcome that I used to have coffee shots. Then slowly I started slipping into depression. My speech slurred and I was in a bad zone. When I told my parents about it, they said that they have put me on medicines for bipolar disorder. I was shell-shocked when I heard this. I know about bipolar and I didn’t have any of the symptoms, and here my parents were giving me drugs by mixing it in my food. This was also the time I noticed that my mother being disturbed all the time. I had never looked into my finances and when there was a property issue, we realised we had no money.”

However, Siddharth added that he got addicted to certain substances and wanted to seek help and he told his mother to get him admitted to a rehab. However, he claims he was beaten up at the rehab centre. “Four-five people used to bash me and I would bleed and lose consciousness. I was shattered completely. Somehow, I managed to connect with my managers who pulled me out from there after a month. I thought life would return to normal but it turned worse. I would have regular fights at home with Suyash and I tried my best to stay away. This was also the time I had filed a NC against them for I really feared for my life and well-being. It came true when I was picked up while travelling back from Goa and thrown into a mental asylum where I was tortured and treated for ailments I didn’t even have,” he concluded.

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Sidharth Sagar In Comedy Show

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