Sofia Hayat’s Husband Arrested After Actress Complained He Attempted To Strangulate Her

Last month, Sofia Hayat had filed a police complaint against her estranged husband, Vlad Stanescu, claiming he had tried to strangulate her during their friction days

In July this year, cops launched a manhunt for Vlad Stanescu, Sofia Hayat’s estranged husband, and after a month of extensive search, they have finally nabbed the man. Sofia had filed a police complaint against Vlad claiming he had tried to strangulate her during their friction days. Vlad was arrested in a perfume shop in London.

Confirming news of Vlad’s arrest from UK, Sofia told EXCLUSIVELY, “Vlad has been arrested, the police caught hold of him a few hours back. I don’t know what’s happening now, but they have informed me that he cannot go back Romania (his home town), or get employment there as he owes the Romanian government money. He’s been arrested in Romania before for violence, and he’s been convicted for that.”

Sofia had earlier accused Vlad of selling the wedding ring she had given him. This had come as a shock to Sofia, who ideally wanted the ring back as according to her, Vlad had conned her on more than one count, including playing hanky-panky with her property papers.

Sofia and Vlad’s marriage lasted for a little less than a year. Speaking to earlier, Sofia had revealed the real reason as to why cracks developed in their relationship. She had said the major reason was Vlad’s insecurity about the difference in their respective wealth, and it eventually took a toll on their union. "He once questioned me that why hadn't I included his name as the beneficiary in my will. I told him that you don't ask such things to people whom you love. But he said that he needs to think along those lines," Sofia had told us.

For those who've come in late, Sofia had FIRST spoken to about her bad marriage. The interview was exhaustive and full of damning revelations. Click here to read it: Sofia Hayat: My Husband Is A Devil, Will Never Take Him Back.

Image Source:- Vishvagujarat,instagram/@sofiahayat