Sofia Hayat's Husband's Ex-Girlfriend Comes To Her Defence; Blames Vlad Stanescu

Sofia Hayat's husband Vlad Stanescu's ex-girlfriend sympathises with the ex-Bigg Boss contestant. She says, she has also been on the receiving end of Vlad's trickery...

Sofia Hayat's personal life has suddenly become the talk of the town. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant, who parted ways with her husband Vlad Stanescu has accused him of conning and cheating on her. was the first to bring that story to you.

Now, Sofia has released messages that Vlad's ex-girlfriend sent to her. Vlad's ex-girlfriend also faced the same misery what Sofia is facing now, and the two ladies seem to be sympathising with each other. Check out Sofia's posts:

Sofia captioned the pic as: "So Vlads ex girlfriend just sent me this....he is a serial conman!!!! She has given me permission to publish this (sic)."

Sofia captioned the pic as, "A post shared by Vlads ex in the past. She sent this to me and is happy for mw to share (sic)."

Sofia captioned this pic as: "Serial conman Vlad are being outed now (sic)."

As of now, Sofia has kicked out Vlad from her house.

The pretty actress walked down the aisle with her Romanian boyfriend, Vlad Stanescu on April 24, 2017, in North Kensington, UK. Vlad was said to be an interior designer, but Sofia has told us that he wasn't one.

She has told us a lot more that will make you fall off your chair. We are coming up with that full-length EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Don't go away.

Image Source: instagram/sofia.hayat