Someone Disturbed Divyanka Tripathi While Reading. Here’s What Happened Next...

Divyanka Tripathi takes her ‘me’ time rather seriously. Take a look at how the actress reacted when someone disturbed her while she was reading
Divyanka Tripathi is definitely one of the most popular faces in Telly World. She is a household name these days, so it should come as a surprise that  she was disturbed by someone when she was in a library reading something. Well, Divyanka isn't someone who will just take it lying down. She grapped a piece of paper and threw it on this person's face. Any guesses who the other person could be?

Well, it's none other than Divyanka herself. Check out the video below and you will get to know how...

Now, isn't this video super hilarious?

Divyanka captioned the video as: "Phas gaye re Obama!  #musicallyIndia #DuetWithMe #DanceIndiaAudition  @musical.lyindiaofficial Download and join #DanceIndiaAudition!!! (sic)."

On the work front, Divyanka has been learing the art of fire fighting after the recent incidents of fire have happened across Mumbai.

On the personal level, Divyanka returned a few weeks back from Thailand after celebrating her birthday with hubby Vivek Dahiya. The doting husband gave Divyanka a surprise at 12 o' clock sharp.

Speaking to a section of the media about her birthday, Divyanka had recently said, "There's not any specific wish that I want. Actually my birthday wish is already completed you can say. Vivek and I are out on a work trip, spending time and working together and we are enjoying here. Travelling is something that I really love to do. So today we explored a lot of new places here. It's been few days we are out and travelling so much. But one thing I must say, I am absolutely loving this time with my husband. He's giving me so many surprises. So, yes my wish is already completed. I just want happiness hereafter for me, Vivek and my family."

Vivek also told the media about how particular his wife always is about her personal and professional life. "She manages her personal and professional life really well. That she does it beautifully and effortlessly. Sometimes I have to look out for her so that she gives some time for herself to sleep. She can compromise on all those things to balance it out. I feel guilty but it is not something that many would do for their partners," said Vivek.

Seeing the love the two share for each other, we have no doubt that they are indeed made for each other.

Image Source: instagram/divekfansclub