Sushant Singh Rajput Demise: Raj Singh Arora Remembers A Party At Late Actor's Penthouse When He Talked Him Into 'Vodka Shots And Chess'

Sushant Singh Rajput's actor friend remembers a night of revelry and vodka shots with a game of chess at SSR's birthday party.

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Sushant Singh Rajput Demise: Raj Singh Arora Remembers A Party At Late Actor's Penthouse When He Talked Him Into 'Vodka Shots And Chess'
Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic death has shaken everyone. The TV and Bollywood star committed suicide at his Bandra residence yesterday. And ever since the news of his untimely death came out, members of the film and TV fraternity have been pouring their heart out. One such post has been penned by actor's close friend Raj Singh Arora. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor took to his Instagram to share an interesting night when he was invited for the late actor's birthday  party.

In an emotional note Raj reveals, "What do I write, What do I say Bhai, tu hi bol de. We were not best friends or friends who spoke on the Phone, but we were friends who respected each other as artists before you were a superstar & after. The last time we met was thanx to you when you called me home for you birthday I still remember how you left the press hugged me and took me up to your new Penthouse. Later around 3am in the middle of the party, I was just sitting by the chess board alone you came to me & said lets play, I said ok.
You said Vodka Shots & Chess. I said NO, You said Yes. I said nahi bhai & then you gave me a shot & it began, I defeated you in all three games :) SORRY Yaar !" 

He added, "You were shocked as you drank that last shot & all the women around you had slowly come to my side as I won every game, I was smiling & so were you  That Script with you I have been writing just wanted to let you know it will always be with you & your face as the Protagonist its the way i write it even today only with you bhai cant imagine anyone else in it. I will still write it with you in my heart & Mind. Do you rmbr the time at another party where we were in one team together against some super heavy duty Crazy Psychological question’s & we both looked at each other with like WTF is this & then said OK so thats the Game & with that eye contact said BRING IT ON  Damm bro NO NO NO NO Sushant NO, The good things you always said about me meant so much to me, you believed in me when some close friends did not, but you have no idea how much I RESPECTED YOU Looked up to you learned from you be it our conversations on Books , Music ( BTW Leonard Cohen say hi to him ) & Cinema, I loved hearing your on set learnings with the BIG Directors, you know there is no other place I partied with abandon & full on Masti as I did with you in your home." 

"Will always be angry & upset with you always from today 14th June 2020. Sorry bhai I am unable to forgive what you did & still find it hard to believe  Cannot Write that RIP for you LOVE YOU Sushant Singh Rajput will MISS YOU & what you to meant to me and everyone else who believed in you and felt that you were one of US. What a #LOSS. 
LOVE Always Bhai," concluded Raj.

Sometime back we also brought to you Aamir Ali's post where the actor apologised to Sushant for not being with him in his tough time citing his "personal mess." Sushant's last rites will take place today in Mumbai.

Image source:-instagram /rajsingharora_actor, wikibio