Swami Om and Topless Girl’s Video Stating That A Bra Enhances A Woman’s Beauty Is DISGRACEFUL!

Swami Om does it again! A video of the self proclaimed Baba talking about the importance of bra in a woman’s life is not only outrageous but senseless as well. It’s time someone stops this publicity hungry man...
When Swami Om entered the Bigg Boss house last year, no one guessed that this man will create headlines for his atrocious behaviour and how!

Even after being thrown out of the house, Swami Om did not stop with his creepy antics. Just a few days back, he was slammed by singer Mika Singh for posting a video where he was seen meditating while a girl, clad in just underwear, dances around him.

swami om gets a lap dance
Swami Om Gets A Lap Dance

But looks like Swami Om is least affected by such hate comments. Here’s another video by this self proclaimed Baba which is currently going viral on WhatsApp groups.

The video features model Anam Khan in a semi-nude state flaunting her assets while Swami Om continues with his senseless talk. If your idea was to give out a social message, then we must point out to you, it was the most disgraceful way of doing so. 

However, this isn’t the first time that Swami Om has caused trouble with his antics. Another video of the self proclaimed Swami went viral, where he was seen disrobing himself in front of a huge crowd at a railway station.

swami om changing clothes on a platform
Swami Om Disrobing Himself In Front Of A Huge Crowd At A Railway Station

For those who’ve come in late, Swami Om was the most irritating contestant inside the Bigg Boss house last season. Not just the other contestants, even celebrity host Salman Khan was mighty pissed by his actions. After being asked to mend his ways quite a few times, he was finally chucked out of Bigg Boss 10.

swami om lopamudra and mona lisa in bigg boss 10
Lopamudra Raut and MonaLisa With Swami Om In Bigg Boss 10

Swami Om’s earlier claim to fame was an incident on TV, where he slapped a woman during a televised discussion.

Well, it is high time Swami Om understands that his cheap publicity tactic of using women and their bodies to grab attention is extremely unacceptable and appalling.  

Image Source: youtube/salmanbigfanclub & youtube/SWAMI OM MAHARAAJ