Team Kapil Sharma Vs Team Krushna Abhishek: The Comedians Will Fight It Out In DUBAI!

It came as a surprise to us as well but it's true! Rivals from the two very popular comedy shows are flying to Dubai to perform in the same show. gives you all the details...

We all know the famous Kapil Sharma-Krushna Abhishek clash! Don't we? But the clash has gone beyond India, it has now reached Dubai.

Neha Kakkar posted an event poster on her Instagram and we observed something unusual instantly and that was Sunil Grover, who is an integral part of The Kapil Sharma show, is performing on the same event where Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lahiri will be performing as well. You don't believe us, here's the proof:

When contacted Ashwani Singh Rathore, CEO & Founder of Blueberry Events said, "It wasn't difficult at all to get all of them on board. We have personal relationship with each one of them and there was no negativity or condition before signing for this show. We have already sold out 3000 tickets and the response has been great so far. There is a surprise in the show as well."

And well the surprise is that Sunil Grover's brother, Anil Grover will be performing for the first time! Mr. Ashwani said, "We are launching Anil Grover in this show and it will be great to see him perform in front of a live audience for the first time in Dubai."

We wonder what Kapil Sharma has to say about this because Sunil Grover is performing on behalf of his show as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Kapil’s show has surpassed Krushna Abhishek's Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza.

Who will the audience cheer for - Sunil Grover who's playing Dr. Mashoor Gulati or Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza fame Krushna Abhishek & Sudesh? Leave your comments below.

Thumbnail Image Source: hdimages & twitter/Krushna_KAS