This Is What Krushna Abhishek Has To Say About Kapil Sharma Ditching Comedy...

We all know that Kapil Sharma is returning to the small screen but this time he has opted for a game show over his forte, which is comedy. And now, his arch rival, Krushna Abhishek has something to say about his decision...

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This Is What Krushna Abhishek Has To Say About Kapil Sharma Ditching Comedy...

Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek’s sweet and sour equation has often made headlines. They have been competitors in the past who usually had not so pleasant things to say about each other.

So, now when Kapil Sharma is about to make a comeback to the small screen with a game show, we got talking to Krushna Abhishek to know what he thinks about Kapil’s decision of opting out of comedy genre.

krushna abhishek
Krushna Abhishek

Totally, I feel he has taken a wise decision of doing a game show rather than just doing comedy and interviewing celebrities again. He always comes up with something new and refreshing. I am sure he will get successful in this also.” Krushna said.

Now, that’s a pleasant surprise. Krushna seems to be all gung-ho about Kapil’s decision.

Krushna, on the other hand, is gearing up for his upcoming show on History TV 18 titled as, OMG! Yeh Mera India' Season 4. He will be hosting the show.

krushna abhishek in oh my god yeh mera india
Krushna Abhishek In Oh My God Yeh Mera India

Just like Kapil, Krushna too has taken a break from comedy and his reason for doing so is monotony.

"I think comedy has become very monotonous. In my last show, The Drama Company, I was unable to enjoy myself. Though we all put in so much effort but things didn't work out for that show.” reasons out Krushna.

a still from drama company
Krushna Abhishek, Irrfan Khan And Sugandha Mishra On-The-Sets Of Drama Company

The comedian further added that he might be bored of the format but comedy and he go hand-in-hand. “You can’t separate comedy from me. So, definitely you will see me doing comedy but I’ll have to figure out what new can be added to the plate beside just doing gags or roasting celebrities.” Krushna concludes.

And coming to his comment on Kapil Sharma’s new venture, let’s see if Krushna’s confidence about the comedian’s decision translates in TRPs too.

Image Source: youtube/setindia, twitter/krushnaabhishek & Manav Manglani