Twinkle Khanna Praises Rakhi Sawant; Rakhi Thanks Twinkle By Dancing On Her Song 'Kamariya Lachke Re' From Mela

Rakhi Sawant has a unique way of thanking Twinkle Khanna for her kind words

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Twinkle Khanna Praises Rakhi Sawant; Rakhi Thanks Twinkle By Dancing On Her Song 'Kamariya Lachke Re' From Mela
It seems that Rakhi Sawant is in complete awe of former actress Twinkle Khanna. In fact, she went on to dedicate a dance video to her, after Twinkle recently wrote about Rakhi Sawant in one of her write-ups. 'Rakhi Sawant is one I could never be and I love her for it,' she had said.

In her post, Twinkle had further gone on to praise the actress' dedication in making a mark in the industry and strongly supporting her family. "With the kind of public ridicule Rakhi Sawant has endured over the years, I would have dug myself a hole and lived the rest of my life as a meerkat. But when you’re in on the joke, you can’t be embarrassed. As much as we may laugh at her, she’s laughing too — all the way to the bank, pulling her family out of poverty and building a life for herself in a pretty cut-throat industry." ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Gets Nose Surgery Post Jasmin Bhasin Hurt Her In Bigg Boss 14; Says ‘Ab Mein Pain Se Mukt Hoon’- Watch

Rakhi shared a post thanking Twinkle for the gesture and went on to mention, "Thank you so much @twinklerkhanna and @tweakindia it means a lot to me .. thank you, @twinklerkhanna Ji, that u removed your precious time and wrote something nice about me. I have always been a one-woman army fighting for what I believed in .. in a place where I was laughed at, made fun of, trolled, abused however I still stood strong on my grounds today. I am proud of what I am and that I can take care of me and my family and overcome all the hardship by bringing in joy laughter and entertainment in people’s life. I am sure it takes a lot to be as humble as twinkle Khanna and it takes a heart of iron to be Rakhi Sawant". ALSO READ: Bigg Boss OTT: Rakhi Sawant And Urfi Javed Make Fun Of Zeeshan Khan After His Eviction; Urfi Says, 'Main To Ache Se Gayi Thi, Isko Toh Bezzati Ke Saath Nikala'

After that, the former Bigg Boss contestant went on to thank Twinkle in her own style. Rakhi shared a dancing video on Twinkle's dance number 'Kamariya Lachke Re' from her film Mela' and captioned, "Thanks so much @tweakindia<> for giving me honors… the queen @twinklerkhanna<> 🙏🙏🙏🙏 dancing on your track .. I hope u like it".

Well, we too are waiting to read Twinkle's response!

Image source: Instagram/twinklerkhanna/rakhisawant2511/tweakindia