VIDEO: Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Arshi Khan? Hiten Tejwani Says...

Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan’s camaraderie added a different zing to Bigg Boss 11. Their love & hate relationship made a lot of buzz and now that the day of celebrating love is round the corner, here’s what Hiten has to say about celebrating the V-Day with Arshi...

Bigg Boss 11 was full of controversies and drama but there was another angle to the reality show, which kept the viewers engaged.

Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani’s chemistry was something to look forward to in every episode.

hiten tejwani and arshi khan
Hiten Tejwani And Arshi Khan In Bigg Boss 11

As you know, lover’s day aka Valentine’s Day is round the corner (Feb 14). Keeping the same in mind, recently at a sports event, media asked Hiten if he would want to celebrate V-day with his ex-Bigg Boss housemate, Arshi Khan.

And here’s how Hiten’s reacted to the question with folded hands...

Now, that was quite expected. Hiten has always maintained his stance of being completely dedicated to Gauri. Such is the actor’s commitment to his wife, that during the show as well, he didn’t even indulge in any healthy flirting with his housemate.

Now, we wonder what Arshi has to say to it, considering her love for Hiten was the hot topic in the house and even after she came out, Arshi never shied away from expressing her fondness for Hiten.

Talking about Arshi, just yesterday we told you how Shilpa Shinde blasted her for lying about the actress’ marriage plans. Since a couple of days, Internet has been buzzing with Arshi Khan’s statements on Shilpa Shinde. When the starlet was asked about Vikas Gupta and Shilpa’s current equation and if they would ever marry, she said that the two will never tie the knot. In fact, a confident Arshi also stated that Shilpa had once told her that she would never marry.

hiten tejwani in bigg boss 11
Hiten Tejwani In Bigg Boss 11

You may recall that in an interview to, Shilpa had clearly stated that she does not want to settle down in matrimony at this point.

We called Shilpa for her reaction on Arshi’s statement and she admitted to telling Arshi inside the Bigg Boss house that marriage was not on her wishlist but again specified that woh sirf abhi ke liye hai.

So, what made Arshi make such a statement? Shilpa added, “Arshi Khan is a big liar and we all know that. That’s it.”

And about Valentine’s Day, we hope Arshi isn’t expecting any gesture (even as a joke) from Hiten as the actor clearly has no such intensions.

Image Source: twitter/biggboss & instagram/arshikhanofficial