Vikas Gupta: Why Is Shilpa Shinde Changing Statements? Let's Move On!

Vikas' frustration knows no bounds as he adds, "Frankly, I don't agree with whatever Shilpa is saying about me, recently. I had a very positive time in Bigg Boss 11, and let's leave it at that. Leave me alone".

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Vikas Gupta: Why Is Shilpa Shinde Changing Statements? Let's Move On!

We brought you EXCLUSIVE INTERVEWS With Shilpa Shinde and the First Runner-Up of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan.

shilpa shinde interview

hina khan interview

We now bring you an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Vikas Gupta, whom many think should have won the final prize. 


Shilpa Shinde has said 'she can never be friends with you again'...
Yeh baar baar alag cheez kyun bolti hai?

It's being said that you filed a criminal complaint against her...
At which police station (laughs)?

i dont agree with whatever shilpa is saying about me

She's saying that you tried that she doesn't get into the show...
What? I just met her the other day, and she met me warmly (pauses).

Go on...
I am really not sure what is this all about. I think we had cleared the air in Bigg Boss 11, when Salman intervened and did the needful. But again it is surfacing from her side!

She says that during her chaos in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!, you told her 'main tumko ghar per bithadunga'...
I didn't say anything like that, but can't I say 'hum aapko show se hata denge if and when one does not abide to the requirements of his/her job?

Frankly, I don't agree with whatever she is saying about me, recently. I had a very positive time in Bigg Boss 11, and let's leave it at that.  Leave me alone.

i have no problem working with shilpa

Will you work with Shilpa again?
I have no problem working with anyone who is fantastic to my show.

You even had a problem with Hina Khan, whom you went on to call her a 'vamp'.
Hina and I have a very good relation, yes I did say a few things about her in the show but that was all restricted to her stuff which I didn't approve of. But I have no personal problem against her.

arshi has benefited from the show she has signed a film with prabhas

Arshi Khan?
What about her? I think we were fine with each other, and she has immensely benefited from the show. I heard she signed a film with Prabhas, isn't that just fab?

Did you ever think that you will win Bigg Boss 11?
No, but I thought I will end up second. I knew Shilpa will win.

Where that gut feeling come from?
Shilpa was playing it beautifully, and what chance did I stand against her? India has seen her on national television for a long time.

So you thought you'll beat Hina?
Well, I think I did a calculated mistake there. I forgot that Hina's show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been No 1 on national television for 8 years. And at the end of the day, let's not forget that I was more or less a commoner.

i thought i could beat hina but i made a calculated mistake

Kamya Punjabi supported you no end from outside...
I know, and there were a couple of other friends as well. They must be a trifle disappointed, but see the larger picture. I have come out from the show being not just a known face, but a man who has also learned a few lessons in life.

How come you did the show? Did anybody force you into it?
No, but mom was keen since a long time that I go out in front of the camera. I have quite a few friends who face the camera and are household names. Mummy ko yeho sab mere liye bhi lagta tha (pauses). 

I am glad that I listened to my mom. The other day I went into a mall, and the police had to be called to disperse the crowd. What more can I say?


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