Anup Jalota: Jasleen Matharu Had Plans To Ride On My Popularity– And She Did!

Anup Jalota spills the beans on the manipulations in the Bigg Boss 12 house and, including that of his ‘girlfriend’ Jasleen Matharu and himself. The ghazal singer has no regrets having toed the line

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Anup Jalota: Jasleen Matharu Had Plans To Ride On My Popularity– And She Did!
Anup Jalota is the latest contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss 12 house. got talking to him EXCLUSIVELY soon after his exit and he spoke at length about his experience. Excerpts:

How was your Bigg Boss 12 journey?
It was super fun and I would like to go back. The best part is that you get to sleep for 8 hours which is impossible for me in real life due to my busy schedule.

Do you feel bad that you had to leave Jasleen behind?
Not at all. I was mentally prepared that I want to be part of the show for 2-3 weeks. When I got evicted you must have seen that despite having a choice, I nominated myself and kept her safe. Agar mere rehne ka mann hota toh main kehta na- ye jaayegi main rahunga?

How was the experience of staying in the secret room?
Wahan se mujhe asli game samajh aaya -- the strategies people use to sustain in the house. After seeing the real colours of housemates, I felt like going back in the house and taking their class, which I did.

During your first eviction, didn’t Jasleen say that she will go?
Main to gaya hi ghar mein Jasleen ke liye tha. So didn’t see a point in staying inside the house without her. Her father insisted that I take her in the house and that’s why I said yes to Bigg Boss. 

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Are you saying that not Jasleen but her father convinced you to participate in Bigg Boss 12?
No, Jasleen came to me with the idea that she can’t go alone to Bigg Boss (Season 12) since they are looking for ‘vichitra jodis’. I initially said 'no' to her suggestion of going as guru-shishya. However, then, her father came to me and said that this might help her career so I agreed.

But Jasleen’s father has blasted both of you...
It’s just a misunderstanding and I will not blame him. When I decided to go in the house, we were supposed to enter as guru and shishya. I have my image, why would I take my relationship on national TV? I would have never done it.

But you have already done it on the show...
No, there is a story behind which you don’t know. 6 days before the show, the Bigg Boss team put her up at an outhouse. We couldn’t talk since she didn’t have her phone. Finally, when I went for the first episode shoot, Salman Khan asked me if I have a partner and I replied saying that my student Jasleen is with me. However, Salman said that Jasleen ka toh kuch aur hi kehna hai (pauses).

Go on...
Her introduction video played where she claimed that we are in a relationship and that shocked me. I couldn’t react and immediately thereafter, we were sent to the house. Once there, I thought that I should play along gracefully rather than complain.

Has Jasleen’s father tried calling you since you came out of the house?
Yes, he called me yesterday. He said humne to decide kiya tha you two will enter as guru and shishya, so why this affair? I told him that that I maintained what we decided but agar aapki beti wahan ye sab bol rahi hai- toh what can be done? He said, ‘usko aane do bahar main usse sudharta hoon'.

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Her father got calls saying 'humaari beti hoti to ham use kaat dete'...
Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna. I am out now and I am sure my interviews will clear doubts of those targeting her. 

Are you disturbed with the fact that your image might take a hit after Bigg Boss 12?
Not even one per cent concerned, because it was just a matter of a few days.

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Do you think that Jasleen has capitalised on your fame and popularity?
Of course. That was her idea. She wanted to ride on my popularity--- which she did. I am a very positive person and I feel if I can help someone, I should.

You compromised your image for her and she didn’t even sacrifice her make-up and clothes for you...
I wasn’t hurt. The reaction you saw on TV was just acting. None of the TV actors in the house could guess that I was acting. Mujhe bilkul bura nahi laga ki unhone kapde aur make-up nahi diya because bura to tab lagega jab koi rishta ho. But maine socha usko jhatka dete hai. Being a teacher I wanted to teach her that materialistic commodities are not as important as the person. She cried a lot after that.

Who according to you is the attention seeker in the house?
The only name which comes to mind is Sreesanth. Agar aadmi pairon se chal raha ho to camera uspar nahi jaayega. Agar koi sar ke bal chalega, toh camera uspar hi hoga. And he is doing just the latter. He is least active in tasks- but knows how to gain sympathy and be in the limelight. It’s his strategy to be in the game. Do chaar gaali de deta hai, ghar se bhaagne ki dhamki baar baar deta hai- bas.

Who according to you will take the trophy home?
Romil Chaudhary. He is a lawyer and knows to play with people’s mind. He is using Deepak Thakur as a weapon. Deepak ghar mein unki baat sunne ke alava aur bewaqt gaana gaane ke alawa kuch nahi kar raha.

Were you aware of Jasleen’s relationship with Sukhwinder Singh?
We belong to the same industry. I had heard many times that they are dating each other. Jasleen herself confessed this to Bigg Boss. 

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Fans are making fun of your relationship with Jasleen with memes...
I don’t feel it’s right, it’s someone’s personal decision. Let me tell you that in today’s times, people use social media to make money; clicks get them money so they write anything to earn. It’s ok if they have earned some money using my name. Likhte rahen, meri wajah se unki roti aayegi. 

After the show, what bond you will share with Jasleen?
Nothing will change between us. I believe in forgiving. If she has used me for the platform, I am happy that she succeeded in doing that. 

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