Australia Upset With Kapil Sharma: Changes Script, Starts Show Late

Kapil Sharma definitely rubbed a lot of shoulders the wrong way in Australia. His Late Latif nature is said to have raised tempers

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Australia Upset With Kapil Sharma: Changes Script, Starts Show Late
So while you may have thought that Kapil Sharma had a great time in Australia before his mid-air fight in drunken state with Sunil Grover made headlines, the truth of the matter is that he has ticked off many people in the Land Of The Kangaroos.

We hear it straight from Bhaskar Ratnam who was the promoter of Kapil's shows in Sydney and Melbourne:

Was The Kapil Sharma team a disintegrated lot when you saw them in Australia?
No, I don't think I saw any problems between thenm when they were in Australia. But i have read about the incident which happened on their return flight to Mumbai.

From what I gather, Kapil started it all and behaved very badly.

kapil sharma in kapil sharma show

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How did your shows in Sydney and Melbourne go?
They went off well. The public enjoyed the shows. 

We hear, your show in Melbourne started off very late and the public was upset?
Yes, the people were annoyed. Frankly, even the show in Sydney too got delayed but there it wasn't Kapil's fault.

What exactly happened in Melbourne?
Kapil said that he got late because he had to change the script.

Why didn't he have the right script?
I don't know.

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Did you get any response from people in Australia after the news about his violent fracas with Sunil Grover broke out?
They were naturally annoyed. They are writing to us saying 'How can Kapil behave like this?' Kapil is a good guy but his behaviour with Sunil Grover and his team en route back home was unacceptable.

How long was the public kept waiting?
90 minutes. Kapil was supposed to start the proceedings at 7 pm, but managed to do so only by 8 30 pm.

Was he drunk when he interacted with you in Australia?
I don't know.

sunil grover and kapil sharma in the kapil sharma show
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You can smell alcohol...
(Laughs for a long time). I wouldn't like to comment on that.

Will you invite Kapil to Australia again?
He is the best comedian today. Which is why I called him to Australia. But yes, if I have to call him again, I will do that only after judging his market post his mid-air fight.

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