Bigg Boss 12, Surbhi Rana: I Have A Soft Corner For Karanvir Bohra; No Compatibility Between Romil And I

Surbhi Rana who just got evicted from Bigg Boss 12 spoke to us exclusively after her eviction. And during the chat she not only showed her disappointment of not reaching the finale but also called herself a winner. Her reaction on Sreesanth wife Bhuvneshwari slamming her on national TV is also epic.

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Bigg Boss 12, Surbhi Rana: I Have A Soft Corner For Karanvir Bohra; No Compatibility Between Romil And I
Your eviction has come as a shock...
Same here. I thought I am winning the game. But no worries, I consider myself as a winner.

Why do you feel you received less number of votes?
It all depends on Bharat ki junta, end of the day. I was the one who took a stand for myself. I showed my strength in all the tasks. I gave my opinion wherever it was required. But then too, if they didn't vote for me what can be done? I respect the decision of the voters. And I totally believe life is like a chocolate box, sometimes you get sweet chocolates and sometimes they are bitter.

Who you think should win the show now?
I want Karanvir Bohra to win because I definitely have a soft corner for him. But you know what! Whosoever takes the trophy, the real winner of this season is me. 

surbhi karanvir
Karanvir & Surbhi 

Who do you feel should have been evicted, instead of you?
I think Romil Chaudhary should have been evicted, because he is extremely diplomatic and confusing person. I am surprised to see that people have voted for him. May be they like him like this only. What more can I say?

You had a strong bond with Romil Chaudhary, what went wrong?
It's like when you meet a person you talk to him and later you may see there is no compatibility between you and him. We had the same kind of relationship. But I still have respect for him. He is a nice guy.

Fans feel the Bigg Boss is biased towards Sreesanth. Do you feel the same?
Sreesanth is badly behaved. But I don't know how is it shown outside. But then too if he is receiving votes, then I am sure things must have been presented another way.

surbhi sreesanth
Surbhi & Sreesanth

Sreesanth's wife Bhuvneshwari Devi slammed you on national television during family task which made you tearful...
Yes, she did. She is his wife and must have felt to do so. I was the only one who wasn't afraid of him and replied. She may have not liked that. And I believe the way she came and gave gyaan to correct myself she would have asked him to work on his behaviour. For her slamming, I would only say 'Dusron ke ghar pe pathar maarne se pehle, apna ghar dekhna chahiye'. I don't regret that I objected to his misbehaviour. 

Jasleen Matharu said her relationship with Anup Jalota was a prank ...
Really? I don't want to comment on their decision of pretending to be in a relationship. I am a person who loves reality because I am an real person.

Sreesanth called you fake and badtameez..
The way he used to call me fake and badtameez used to clearly show what he himself is.

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