Deepika: It's A Planned Baby, My Weight Is Increasing, My Clothes Are Getting Tight

Deepika Singh talks to at length about her pregnancy, break, shopping and of course, her husband Rohit Raj Goyal

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Deepika: It's A Planned Baby, My Weight Is Increasing, My Clothes Are Getting Tight
The time is right to talk to the popular TV actress Deepika Singh, who is expecting her first child.

Excerpts from the conversation:

A big Congratulations to you...
Thank you. I am in happy space.

Touch wood. Please continue...
Well, I am on a break now. And I don't want to make myself tired by working in a daily soap until mid-next year at least. However, I don't mind doing a bit of work here and there until then. I believe that an artiste always needs producers and TV channels. Without them, would we thrive?

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How long will you be off camera?
Actually, I badly wanted a break after Diya Aur Baati Hum. But I was getting too many offers. I was in a dilemma. I prayed to God 'mujhe rasta dikhao ki mein producers aur channels ko hurt nahin karun if and when they come up to me with their project'. Bhagwan ne meri sun li.

So, the baby just happened...
(Interrupts) No, it's a planned baby. Yeh toh hamare haath mein hota hai na? Go for it if you want one, else don't.

Mother/mother-in-law round the corner to help?
My mother has come down to look after me. I stay in a joint family. I am most happy in the company of Rohit.

Where will the delivery happen?

When are you due?
I can't disclose the due date. My family and I are very superstitious about such a thing.

Do you and Rohit want a daughter/son?
That we are not even thinking. And neither we shall. We decided to have a baby and we thank God that it is happening.

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Have you started shopping for the baby?
Not yet. We don't shop until the baby is born.

Are you shopping for yourself?
Yes. I have lots of time now. My weight is increasing. I need a new wardrobe, my clothes are getting tight. And I am lovin' every moment of my pregnancy.

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