Indian Idol Contestant Dolly's Mother-In-Law Pushed Her Into Burning Stove!

We hate to bring you a story like this especially on the first working day of a new year. Let's thank our stars that you and I haven't met horrendous people like Indian Idol's Dolly Singh has

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Indian Idol Contestant Dolly's Mother-In-Law Pushed Her Into Burning Stove!

Yesterday, I was shocked to see a girl with a burnt face in Indian Idol 9 (aired on Sony)and she looked so wounded and crestfallen. However, she mustered courage to put up a song in front of Farah Khan, Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam. I felt that I must reach out to her to know more about what had happened to her in her life so far.

This evening, I called her. Excerpts from the conversation that transpired:

How was your experience in Indian Idol?
I was very nervous. I could not sing properly. I was not even 10 per cent of how good I am at singing. I had reached the venue at 6 am and my turn came at 11.30 pm. I hadn't even eaten my lunch because I felt that if my stomach is full I might not be able to deliver my high-range song Kya Jaanu Sajjan (from Baharon Ke Sapne).

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How did your face get burnt?
Mandir mein shaadi ki thi. Soon after my marriage, my husband asked me to go to my house saying that he would come and take me back. I asked him why was he leaving me, he said that he wasn't feeling well.

Three months elapsed, there was no sign of him. He came after 3-4 months and took me home. He was from a Bihari family jahan dahej bahej bahut chalta hai (pauses). 

And then?
His mother never accepted me. and they started torturing me. My husband didn't torture me though, but I realised that he was an alcoholic. He even lied to me that he had some hi-fi job, but the fact was that he was unemployed.

One day suddenly, I woke up to be told that I had to make kheer because they were expecting guests at some point in the day. I was also told that I shouldn't use the cooking gas but instead make it on the coal stove.

Suddenly, my mom-in-law pushed me. And mind you, we were just the two of us in the kitchen at that time. But nobody believed me. I was told that tumhare haath se hi doodh gir gaya hoga sigree mein.

The milk fell into the coal stove (sigree) and the steam splashed onto my face. Even my chest got burnt (pauses).

Please continue...
I woke up in a hospital. I don't know who admitted me. I was there for 2 months. I couldn't eat. When I ate, my lips bled.

Elaborate on the torture...
I made rotis and my mom-in-law used to tuck them away in some secret place and I had to literally ask her for one roti after another if and when I was hungry.

She started storing the cooking oil in her room and used to give me only two spoons of it if and when I required it to make anything which required oil.

At some point, she started hiding even sugar. 

What happened when you were discharged from the hospital?
I reached home to discover that nobody lived in that house anymore. My husband, my mother-in-law... they had all gone away.

Why did that man marry you when he didn't love you?
He had a drinking problem and wanted to use my money to buy alcohol. I was a teacher and doing well for myself.

I was in deep distress. He and his family tortured me no end, and kept telling me that I had no means to prove my marriage. Mandir mein sirf sindoor dala tha usne mujhe. I had no marriage certificate.

I had to wash four bedsheets every day. I was made to wash utensils in the night and ordered to wash the same utensils again early morning even though they hadn't been used after I had washed them in the night.

How did you fall in ,love with such a man? 
(Thinks hard) Yeh pyaar nahin tha. Ek compromise tha. My friends told me that I should say 'yes' to this guy who was chasing me. They said I had no family and there is nobody to marry me off. Main unke baaton mein aa gayi.

What's your state of mind now?
It's okay that I couldn't make it. I am teaching English and Dance in Jharkhand now. Maybe I should have chosen a different song. At least, I made it to be heard by three esteemed judges on national television.

Why didn't you complain to the cops about your shameful burnt incident?
I had no support, no proof. 

Will you ever get married in future?
No such desire. Frankly, I have nobody in my life today. Can I tell you something more? 

After appearing on TV last night, a few of my close relatives who had also shunned me are not happy that I didn't take their name on TV yesterday. These same people who never bothered to know if I am alive wanted me to acknowledge them! But why should I? Whatever I am today, is only because of my own hardwork.

Plus, this world is full of sleazy people. Many people have called me to sing in shows, but when they realised that I am not beautiful they eliminated me from their list. Logon ki nazar bahut buri hoti hai. Kuch log itne mehereban ho jaate hain ki lagta hai that they will gift me a house. I can so easily read between their lines. Let me tell you a recent incident. Someone asked me to sing in an event and started hounding me that I should have casual conversations with him! Another event organiser had fixed me up for a singing event on New Year's Eve, but the moment he saw my picture on his table he called up to say that I was not performing for him anymore! 

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