Roadies Rising Contestant Jibran Dar: The Show’s Producers Accused Me Of Sexual Harassment To Gain TRPs

In an explosive interview, Jibran Dar, who was thrown out of the reality TV show Roadies Rising over accusations of sexual harassment by female contestants, claims that the makers of the show concocted the drama to gain TRPs

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Roadies Rising Contestant Jibran Dar: The Show’s Producers Accused Me Of Sexual Harassment To Gain TRPs

Jibran Dar grabbed headlines when he was accused of sexual harassment by female contestants on Roadies Rising (which airs on MTV) and thrown out of the hit reality TV show.

Shweta Mehta from Neha Dhupia’s gang, Jagriti Jha from Prince Narula’s gang and Samyukta Hegde from Rannvijay Singh’s gang had accused Jibran Dar of inappropriate behaviour after which the three celebrity judges confronted Jibran and eliminated him from the show.

After the news broke, Jibran contacted, claiming that he was innocent and the accusations were made up to grab eyeballs for the show. He also sent us screenshots of whatsapp chats and recorded telephone conversations between contestants, which he claimed will prove him right.

Excerpts from the interview:

So, tell us what happened?
When they asked me to leave the show I apologised to them and said that I had switched the lights on and off just for fun. That was not a room but a tent and I did not even go inside. I have not touched anyone, I did not abuse anyone. Rakhi, my friend from the show had clarified to Rannvijay that I meant no harm and I had apologised to Shweta too. If Shweta felt that I did something wrong, why didn't she immediately inform Neha Dhupia or the crew members? Why did she wait for the cameras to roll? Shweta had a chat with one of the crew members and when she came back, she announced this on camera.

When I fainted due to low blood pressure after I was accused of sexual harassment, Neha Dhupia and Rannvijay Singh were laughing. They stretched it for TRPs. The other Roadies standing there were puppets because all of them wanted the footage.

neha dhupia rannvijay singh and prince narula

Are you saying that this was planned for TRPs?
Absolutely, because the show's director Vikrant himself came to me and said, ‘Jibran you have given me the most entertaining footage till now’. I felt happy then, but I did not expect this. I also have audio notes of many contestants who are still a part of the show. I spoke to Jagriti, Varun, Rakhi, Shane and I asked them, ‘Do you guys feel I am wrong?’ They all agreed that this was done purposefully to gain TRPs. They asked me to file a case against them.

message from jibran dar

A Screengrab of the Roadies Whatsapp  Group

Not only Shweta but Khushnuma and Sanyukta too accused you of inappropriate behaviour?
Whatever Khushnuma has said is a big lie. I never interacted with her. The cameras are on 24x7, so please show me the footage where I am talking to her.

I spoke to Samyukta when she came to me, while discussing a task. I said I really want to concentrate on my task as I have come here as a wild card. Samyukta was wearing a nice perfume so I told her your perfume is distracting me. Yes, I said this line but my intention was not wrong.

I said this to her around 1pm in the afternoon. But she didn't say a single word to anyone till 9 pm at night and then she claimed on camera that I was harassing her. This show is about interaction, so what is wrong if I interacted with the girls? If they did not want the boys and girls to talk to each other, they should have made two Roadies, one for boys and one for girls.

jibran dar with group

What happened after you were eliminated from Roadies Rising?
They booked my tickets and sent me back home. It clearly proves that they just did everything for TRPs and murdered my dreams. I don't get sleep in the night, I feel like I should commit suicide. The Roadies people did not even call me for the finale, they have not taken my VD (Video Diary) because they knew I will tell the truth.

Prince even tried to hit you after the girls said that you harassed them?
Yes, Prince came to hit me but the moment he came I fainted because of low blood pressure. Not once but twice I fainted. These people didn't even get a stretcher for me, they just dragged me inside the tent. Nikhil Chinappa said that I was propagating rape culture but he was accused of asking sexual favours from contestants of Splitsvilla Season 2. Prince flirted with five girls in Bigg Boss and now he is commenting on my character?

hot jibran dar

Did you contact the show’s producers after they threw you out?
Yes, I tried calling them but got no response from their end. Infact, I asked for my agreement copy because I wanted to file a case against them. I have call recordings and screen shots to prove myself innocent.

Go on....
There is a Whatsapp group for Roadies Contestants. There Baseer is saying, ‘Let’s f**k this guy’. Rakhi then supported me saying please don’t write such things about Jibran.Then Shweta joked that they should thank me because they got TRPs because of this.

jibran dar

Why didn't you file a police complaint against them if you feel cheated?
I can file a defamation case against them but my mother is not allowing me to do so. My mom said that the channel has power and money which we don’t have, so it is better to let go of the issue. She cried a lot as we are helpless. Otherwise I have contacted the police too. My lawyer friend too told me that I need a hell lot of money to deal with them, which I can’t afford.

This whole episode happened two months ago, why did you keep quiet till now?
Because they told me, ‘Don't worry. Audition for Splitsvilla’. I gave the audition and was rejected. I also auditioned for Raghu Rajeev but they threw me out, saying that the Roadies episode was a disadvantage. 


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