What is that one thing that every fan wants? It is candid time with their favourite stars. So here we are, SpotboyE.com brings you your much-adored television stars who will get real chatty right here right now.

We all remember the little superstar girl from the iconic film Makdee. Well that little girl is not so little anymore and has grown up to be a very beautiful & effervescent young woman. And now she's famously known in every household as the fearless 'Nandini' from Chandra Nandini that airs on Star Plus. SpotboyE.com caught up with Shweta and well let's just say, it was a fun meeting. 

Don't believe us? Watch for yourself as your beloved Nandini aka Shweta spills the beans about love, life & TV on SpotboyE's chatterbox.
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