Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos In The Memory Of Their Late Dog Waldo

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently lost their pet dog Waldo in an accident; the couple got matching tattoos in remembrance of the little dog

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Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos In The Memory Of Their Late Dog Waldo
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been happily married recently in a lavish wedding in Paris, and the couple was spotted spending their time in the Maldives for their honeymoon. Recently, the couple’s pet dog Waldo died in an accident while walking in New York. As we didn’t hear any news of the incident from the couple, the duo has taken to their social media to share their matching tattoo’s they’ve got in memory of Waldo.

Sophie Turner was constantly sharing pictures of her with her dog Waldo, the dog made appearances on Sophie’s Instagram pretty often. The GOT actresses’ dog Waldo died in a freak accident last week. The Alaskan Klee Kai, Waldo went out for a walk on the streets of Manhattan, New York, and the misfortune took place when he got rid of the leash and was hit by a passing vehicle. Waldo’s presence is terribly missed by the couple and they took to their Instagram to share pictures of them getting the dog’s face tattooed on them forever. As Sophie shared a picture of her tattoo on her Instagram stories, the actresses’ post read, “I miss you, Waldo. Rest In Peace, my little baby.”


As Sophie shared a picture of the tattoo, Joe Jonas also shared a post with a picture of his tattoo, that read, “ R.I.P my little angel.” Joe’s post made the Jonas family react to it and comfort the couple in this difficult time. Mama Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra were some of the people in the Jonas family who comforted the couple on their loss.

The little Waldo was hit by a car in Manhattan's Lower East Side when he was being walked by his dog-walker. After being frightened by a pedestrian, the little Waldo broke free of the leash and ran straight into the street, where the mishap took place. Sophie Jonas was troubled by this accident and the actress reportedly went to see a therapist together. The case was also reported by the couple to the police.

Sophie and Joe had adopted Waldo in April 2018 after Joe got his brother Porky as a surprise for Sophie. Waldo Picasso Jonas also had an Instagram page of the same name with over 45k followers. 

Image source: Instagram/ Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas