VIDEO: 10 Things That Make Alia Bhatt The First Millennial Superstar!

Bollywood’s bubbliest superstar has just turned 24! Here’s a look at Alia's incredible and fascinating journey in a brand new video

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VIDEO: 10 Things That Make Alia Bhatt The First Millennial Superstar!
Say what you want about millennials but one thing is for sure, sometimes they will take you by surprise, change archaic perspectives, unlearn and get back to the grind in no time. Surprises are always welcome, no matter in what form they come. In this case, let’s talk about birthday girl – Alia Bhatt.

Like everyone, we are guilty too. She was absolutely perfect in SOTY and perhaps the best casting choice for her debut. But like we do for most millennials, we judged her endlessly thinking that’s about it, that’s probably the best she can do. And we were damn wrong!

So here we are, five years on and Alia giving it back like a total badass!

In just a span of 5 years, Alia has managed to conquer multiple genres, experiment relentlessly, deliver box-office numbers and even face smear campaigns, all by the age of 24.

If every raging millienial, their feelings, frustrations, ambitions, perspectives and abilities had to be compressed into a single image, it would probably be Alia Bhatt – the ultimate millennial superstar.

A complete mould breaker, Alia has literally turned into a chameleon when it comes to screen personas. An icon for the restless and the faint voices, Alia has always championed vivid stories that question the youth’s collective fallings and strengths. From being her usual peppy self to facing every storm with courage, humour and sensitivity, here’s a teensy look at her journey and why Alia is quintessential to the current film scene.