VIDEO: 5 Actors Who Can Replace Arnab Goswami On Newshour!

As the nation’s most watched anchor exited his iconic show, we handpicked the next line of noisemakers and headline grabbing anchor favourites from Bollywood

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VIDEO: 5 Actors Who Can Replace Arnab Goswami On Newshour!

When most people asked for a noise-free Diwali, no one knew one man would take it this seriously.

Since the past 11 years and a half, one man has not only captured the 9 pm slot and monopolised it but in that time, made his voice and opinion the morale of the nation. A show that has become synonymous with televised debates, vents for outrage and a symbol of courage. The name Arnab Goswami is today a household name.

While his journalistic sensibilities and exposes are fodder to all kinds of critics, his greatest attribute comes with his high pitched debates, non-stop monologues and interruptions that can make the sanest man clinically insane. While most people in the country will shed a tear or two over the loss of their daily entertainment, we rejoiced as we found some of perfect replacements and future anchors for Newshour.

So here are our top picks for the 5 Actors Who Can Replace Arnab Goswami On Newshour!

Anil Kapoor
We have all seen him in Nayak as he literally rips apart Amrish Puri’s character as the CM of Maharashtra during a live interview in the aftermath of riots in the big city. And as a surprise he even accepts the challenge of becoming CM for one day. Now imagine the same scene repeating in real life, wouldn’t that be #Jhakaas?

Sunil Shetty
If the screaming action hero of the 90s ever becomes the next host on Newshour, the credit sequence for the news show will include a montage of Anna prepping with shots of training exercises, martial arts and bizarre weaponry. What’s the cherry on top of the cake you ask? Interruptions will come in the form of Aaayyyyyyye!

Nana Patekar
While others could be still counted as shower thoughts, this one was an obvious choice, who else but the maker of god level monologues? From suddenly laughing at guests in his signature manic style to breaking fingers and making them bleed, Nana definitely deserves a slot. Because duniya mein daulat hai, shauhrat hai, izzat hai bas ek talk show nahi hai!

Paresh Rawal
He has the power to debate, defend and argue against God. He played mediator between two man-children called Raju and Shyam in Hera Pheri and survived the threats of two gangsters in Welcome. Paresh Rawal will make noise of course, but in all the right places.

Sunny Deol
Our No.1 pick for the next news anchor on Newshour is the man who possesses the ability to not only mediate debates but to dictate them simply with his voice. Every episode will be accompanied by a visit to the ENT Specialist. #TaarikPeTaarik