From Baba Sehgal To Dhinchak Pooja, 10 Indian Rappers Who Need To Stop For The Love Of Mankind!

The world is finally taking hip hop seriously and rap as an art form. But there are some people who have a grave misconception about the genre

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From Baba Sehgal To Dhinchak Pooja, 10 Indian Rappers Who Need To Stop For The Love Of Mankind!

In 2015, two rappers from the rap group Gully Gang, rhymed their way through the streets of Mumbai waxing lyrical about hard times, their lively neighbourhood, their street cred and even their euphoric ways of having a good time. The song re-established the rap scene like never before. Something even the Punjabi Rappers couldn’t achieve as the imagery and lyrics catered altogether to a snobby alien audience.

It proved just one fact – Rap is all about rising from the lowest of lows and about the underground. It was never meant to represent opulence, excess and aggression. Even if it did, which it does in a lot of subgenres, it was meant to represent success and victory against the vanity of passed on wealth.

And that’s why two years on, the scene has gone global. And it’s only going to get bigger.

Meanwhile, popularization and gentrification of a genre has its own drawbacks. Rap is more than just another genre. Some may even compare it to poetry and literature, but one thing is for sure, it’s surely a form of pure art. So much so that there are videos about how capricious the rhymes can get to the DJ’s music.

While this is the global standard now and there’s no harm in experimenting, there are some people who have a gifted dark confidence. Delusion, a sense of warped ambition and tone deaf as they come, these YouTube sensations are popular for all the wrong reasons. They’re heard at parties, offices, bars and even cars but mostly for a good laugh and awkward silences. From becoming guilty pleasures to methods of third degree torture, here are some of the most notorious songs that have gone viral.