If there’s one thing common between nerds of the world, it’s got to be comic books and superheroes. Even if you’re not a comic book nerd, how difficult is it to sell an idea based on invincible Meta humans who live in secret worlds and come forward to help in times of trouble? Not much, we say!


Now take that from the pages of a comic book and make a movie out of it- downright awesome, isn’t it?! Couple these guardians of humanity with mind boggling animation and VFX and we’re talking mind-spinning collections at the box- office.


Whether you’re team Marvel or DC, the visual elements of these movies will always leave you awestruck. Because let’s admit it, the feeling of watching your favourite comic characters coming to life and battling it out is unparalleled.


So now that 2016 has passed and given us some awesome movies like Deadpool & Captain America: Civil War and some not so good ones like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and X Men: Apocalypse; you’d think if 2017 would be any good.


We listed all comic book heroes flocking the silver screen this year and it’s safe to say 2017 is going to be an absolute thrill ride. Find out which superhero stuff is going to go down this year in our list.


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