VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Is The Game Changer Bollywood Needed!

Bollywood has a sickly habit of producing unremarkable and assembly line actors throughout its history. Once in a lifetime, comes a firebrand who changes everything. Meet Kangana Ranaut

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VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Is The Game Changer Bollywood Needed!
If you recall the past one year, no other film personality has made rounds of headlines and hardcore gossip like the one and only Kangana Ranaut. And while Bollywood is making mediocre biographies on extremely mediocre lives, each episode of the past one year in the diva’s life is worth making a film on. 

In the past one year, Bollywood has tried anything and everything to smear one of its most shining beacons of talent. While one expects negative propaganda all the time from the fraternity, what was surprising in all of this is the level of unity and organised mudslinging in damaging the reputation and stability of Kangana Ranaut. Whether it was the exchange of emails controversy with Hritihk or the latest backlash based on Nepotism in Bollwood, the industry has reacted with complete denial and deviousness.

While we would like to further indulge in the aforementioned controversy, the one detail we’d like to point out from all of this is how influential Kangana Ranaut has been in transforming Bollywood’s rudderless status quo. 

Kangana has seen it all; bad scripts, blatant copies and absolutely harebrained duds at the box-office. Somewhere between in these scripts, upcoming directors read between the lines and saw her shine even in major flops. She was always seen as the director’s actress, a person who shared a clay-potter relationship with her maker. It is this very mould that made her permanently come out of the mainstream rut and change the face of character sketches for actresses in Bollywood. If her work in Fashion was the catapult then Queen was probably her moment of clarity, not only did her film choices change but we saw a different Kangana- a phoenix from ashes. She became a perfect combination of ideology and sensuality. 

It was her newborn persona that also powered her scripts, her battles against the press and past celebrities and her very statement against nepotism that has surfaced an ugly truth.

On her birthday, we take a serious look at why Kangana can not only change things but spearhead future movements in film production and beyond. (Check the video above)