VIDEO: 6 Legendary Holi Parties Organized By Bollywood Families

One family which surely knows how to welcome the season of spring in India- it's Bollywood

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VIDEO: 6 Legendary Holi Parties Organized By Bollywood Families
As dozens of celebs flock to rain dance parties, heady raves, beach parties and exotic variations of Vrindavan, there are some celebs who prefer to go the traditional and much quieter way of celebrating Holi. For some celebs, Holi does not mean scale or extravagance, it simply means a quiet time with close friends, family and good old members of the fraternity.

Once upon a time, Bollywood was known was for its lavish, unabashed and euphoric Holi parties, an action-packed event that was a long-standing favourite of reporters and journos from yesteryear.  Most of these parties belonged to the upper echelon first families of Bollywood who would invite a certain portion of the industry to their homes and celebrate all day long.

If you ever wanted to see your favourite star lose every sense of vanity, celebrity status and their decorum, well, this was certainly the place for it. From lead actresses and distinguished heroes to music composers and directors, these parties were the one place stars could be themselves.

It all started with the biggest party in town, RK Studio Holi Party. Some of the biggest celebs ranging from Prithviraj’s era to Rishi used to attend the woozy revelries. While the Kapoors have stopped celebrating at their studio, here’s a look at some of the biggest parties in town, families and fraternity sponsored, that still continue this tradition of mega Holi celebrations.