VIDEO: 8 Little Known Facts About Sunny Pawar- The Youngest Oscar Sensation

He is a star already! But there are a few things which we don't know about little Sunny Pawar who hails from Mumbai...

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VIDEO: 8 Little Known Facts About Sunny Pawar- The Youngest Oscar Sensation
Sunny Pawar, the child actor from this year’s much acclaimed film Lion, became an overnight sensation with his character of Saroo Brielry in the movie. In fact, it’s not just his on-screen performance but his off-screen persona that has become the talking point of the town. And ever since Sunny set foot on the Oscars’ Red Carpet, he has become the star for the entire world!

A former government office sweeper’s son is now the favourite young and talented actor of Hollywood A-listers. This Mumbaikar slum kid came into the lime light when he first won accolades from the audience after re-enacting a scene from The Lion King with host Jimmy Kimmel. The moment got shared on social media like wild fire and then there was no looking back!
Pawar's life journey is filled with stroke of luck and immense good fortune as he got selected from 2000 children across schools in India to play the role of Saroo. Ever since, Sunny has won everybody's hearts with his candid moments of chat shows and red carpet events. He won everyone’s heart yet again at the Oscars when he shared an adorable moment with Samuel L Jackson. The veteran actor took a picture with Sunny and posted on Instagram and wrote ”This is who should have won Best Actor tonight, Sunny Pawar Totally Killed It!”.
Even though Pawar is not very fluent with English, his journey is not showing any signs of slowing down because it's his confidence that sees him through. This talented actor is not going to stop here and has even got a role in another movie with established stars like Demi Moore and Frieda Pinto.
And that's just some of the things you didn't known about Internet's latest darling! Here are 8 more little known facts about Sunny! Check out the video above.