VIDEO: Signs That Valentine’s Day Is Just Not Your Thing!

Do you love celebrating Valentine’s Day or is it just another day for you? If it’s the latter, you might wanna watch this video!

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VIDEO: Signs That Valentine’s Day Is Just Not Your Thing!
Valentine’s Day can be bliss for some, a disaster for others. For some, it can mean sealing the cracks in a deep-seated or a fading relationship and for others it’s that one chance where you can express unrequited love. But for a majority of the populace, it looks exactly like the front facade of a really cheap novelty store, gratuitously lacy and wrapped in plastic.

From bizarre and uber sappy WhatsApp forwards to friends who actually compete for the best romantic vacation, Valentine’s Day has turned from a simple gesture-based  holiday to a full-fledged Hunger Games level competition where you contend for the fakest starry-eyed experience.

Back in the ’90s, the only three forms of enforcements were bad pop songs, agony aunt and dating tip TV shows and greeting card ads. These days however, you are psychologically enforced to celebrate the so-called holiday or live the rest of your life feeling guilty. We’ve handpicked our favourite situations and chosen some of the most dreadful experiences that can happen to people who absolutely hate Valentine’s Day. From overenthusiastic friends to irritating restaurant attendants, check out our new original video on people who simply hate Valentine’s Day!