VIDEO: What If Popular Apps Were Made For Children!

Ever wondered how would popular apps look like if they were meant only for kids? gives you a hilarious insight into the world of apps and how kids would use them

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VIDEO: What If Popular Apps Were Made For Children!
We know it’s been one hell of a rough week for all of you and now besides the mind-numbing drill of standing in queues, most of you are going to be bombarded with lame Monday motivation and demonetization memes around. And in case, you guys need a refreshing break from all the baby photos, we have a surprise treat for you.  wishes all our readers a very Happy Children’s Day. Yes, social media might have churned out the lamest and cheesiest forms of wit on this special day but here’s a breather you won’t forget.

Back in the 00s, it might have been easier to keep children out of reach from technology as the digital world was still in an expansion stage and was limited in terms of information and access. But since the 2010s, it’s virtually impossible to keep children away from technology as it’s considered not only precarious but ignorant.

If there’s anything to be learnt here, it’s the fact that children become skilled at things as fast as a training montage in a Bollywood film. That too an Abbas-Mastan one.  Gone are the days when parents would request their children to perform a dance they’ve seen in Hindi films, the equivalent of that would be requesting a kid to upload a video of themselves on Instagram or Snapchat.

That’s right! Have you ever imagined what would the most popular apps look like if Fortune 500 companies made these things for little kiddos? Watch our latest sketch and take a teensy peep into the world of smart apps custom-built for smart tykes.