Haseena Parkar Trailer: Shraddha Kapoor’s Fearsome Avatar Will Stun All

Shraddha Kapoor has well and truly shed her cute girl-next-door image in the much-awaited trailer of Haseena Parkar

Shraddha Kapoor has given the world a glimpse at her darker side in the trailer of Haseena Parkar, the biopic of the infamous 'Godmother of Nagpada’. Take a look:

Haseena who passed away in 2014, took over her brother Dawood Ibrahim’s criminal network.

Haseena Parkar's life changed after her husband was shot dead by gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli's gang in 1991. The incident prompted her to become a feared gangster.

88 cases were registered against her but she appeared in court only once, such was the clout of the woman who was simply known as ‘Aapa’ by her followers.  

In the trailer of Haseena Parkar, directed by Apurva Lakhia, Shraddha is joined by her real life brother Siddhanth Kapoor who too looks promising as a young Dawood Ibrahim.

shraddha kapoor in haseena parkar
Shraddha Kapoor In Haseena Parkar

The body language, the look, the trailer has got the details of the era right

At the trailer launch, Shraddha revealed that she took many workshops to get the character right, including the accent and the voice modulation.

shraddha kapoor and siddhanth kapoor in haseena parkar
Shraddha Kapoor And Siddhanth Kapoor In Haseena Parkar

“While dubbing Half Girlfriend, that became a problem because my voice had become so heavy because I was preparing for Haseena too,” revealed Shraddha.

The actress had to darken her complexion to step into the shoes of Haseena and when asked about the debate of colourism in Bollywood, Shraddha replied: “I have always said that my definition of beauty is very different. You can come from any background and be of any colour. Beauty come from inside.”

Image Source: Youtube/swissentertainment