"Married & Father Of 3 Kids, Saif Ali Khan", Is On Tinder

This tale might come as a shock. The protagonists of the story are Saif Ali Khan and a certain Ms Rowe. Read on...

Before you jump to conclusions, let us tell you that Saif Ali Khan is not having an extra marital affair. In fact, a leading international website reports that 44-year-old Anna Rowe, a teaching assistant from Canterbury, Kent, was lured into a 14-month relationship with a man called Antony Ray, who used a fake Tinder account and had Saif Ali Khan’s image as his display picture (they look similar).

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Image Source: Manav Manglani

The nightmare began in August 2015 after the pair (Anna and Antony) matched on Tinder, which shows users pictures of potential matches and allows them to chat if both parties like the images.

They met up after 3 months of talking online, embarking on a whirlwind romance. They started getting to know each other, regularly messaging over WhatsApp, through text and speaking on the phone. He used the same Saif Ali Khan picture he had on Tinder  on his What'sApp profile as well, which he dismissed as 'an old photo' when Anna questioned if it was him.

Antony told her their relationship was headed for marriage, calling her 'Mrs Ray', and spent several nights a week at her house where they would cook and watch films.

However, he would make excuses for why he could only meet up with her sporadically. This made Anna suspicious and she hired a private investigator, who revealed that he was a married father with a separate mobile phone and social media accounts to conduct his affairs.

Antony had told Anna that he lived in London, had been divorced for 15 months, had three sons and parents who lived in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Miss Rowe is a victim of 'catfishing', the process of using fake accounts and sometime pictures to create a false identity and lure someone into a relationship. She is demanding a change in the law to make 'catfishing' illegal.

This incident makes us wonder if people, in general, have ceased to differentiate between the real and virtual world. To begin with, didn’t Anna know that Saif Ali Khan is a Bollywood actor and that the resemblance is uncanny? Also, apart from the irregular visits Antony made, did nothing make her feel that something is amiss?

We wonder what will Saif Ali Khan think of the scenario. You may recall that in an EXCLUSIVE interview with SpotboyE.com, the Nawab Of Pataudi had expressed that he isn’t inclined towards social media. He had said, “I thought about it when it started. But if I have to keep thinking what to post to give a good impression to my fans about myself, it would make life a bit less natural for me. I would be only on a clicking spree- clicking my sons, daughter, wife, mom. Where will it stop?”

He added, “Any event or film I do anyways does appear on social media, doesn't it? But trying to make a comment on everything will be putting too much of pressure on myself. I can't keep thinking all the time about what is the next cool thing to say. I would rather meet people in real life and talk to them directly and spontaneously.”

“We are all chasing the camera. Why? Strike a balance, have your fun--- but that's not your entire life. People are dressing up for the picture, not for the party. It's good to have a party and talk to each other. But that's gone all so missing,” he further said.

Thumbnail Image Source: Manav Manglani, allatestimages & topnews