Adhyayan Suman SPEAKS UP After His Break Up With Maera Mishra, Says ‘I Want To Learn From My Past Mistakes

After Adhyayan Suman's now ex GF Maera Mishra opened up about their break up, the actor explains his side via an official statement

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Adhyayan Suman SPEAKS UP After His Break Up With Maera Mishra, Says ‘I Want To Learn From My Past Mistakes
Adhyayan Suman has once again hit the headlines; the actor has parted ways with his girlfriend Maera Mishra. The news of his break up came to light after Maera confirmed it to the Bombay Times. Hence, now Suman too has released a statement commenting on his break up. In his statement, he mentioned having respect for all women in his life from his mother to sisters, to friends and also the ones with whom he bonded. Hence, he shall refrain from talking about it in public and he wants to learn from his mistakes in the past.

He said, “All I would like to say at this stage is that I have great respect for all women, right from my mother to sister to close friends and even more so for the ones that I have shared fond memories with. My upbringing does not allow me to wash dirty linen in public and I want to learn from my past mistakes and not say anything to anyone at this stage.” The actor shared he wants to focus on his work and is looking forward to his upcoming song.

Adhyayan adds, “My focus is my work which is in the public domain and I look forward to releasing my new song very soon.” On the end note, he requested people to respect his privacy and not to bother his family. “I request you to respect the privacy of me and my family as well,” concluded the actor’s statement.

Adhyayan Suman’s break up with Kangana Ranaut was one of the most talked-about ones in the media. Adhyayan had gone on record to reveal details about why Kangana and he broke up. His revelations cause quite a stir back then.  ALSO READ: Adhyayan Suman Gets Spotted In The City; Speaks On Fake Suicide Report, Calls It 'Shameful' - WATCH

Meanwhile, his former GF Maera speaking about their break up said, “I was very serious about this relationship and thought that this one was for keeps, but it wasn’t meant to be. Things failed to work out between us. I fell in love with a different man. Once I started living with him, I realised that he was quite different from what I had expected. There was also a communication gap. We barely spoke to each other for almost two months as I got busy with the shoot of my TV show and he was shooting for his project.” ALSO READ: Adhyayan Suman Reacts To His Fake Suicide Report: 'My Mother Was Devasted, She Has Already Lost One Child'

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