After Mahira Khan, Irrfan Khan's Co-Star Saba Qamar Gets Trolled For Smoking Pics

Mahira Khan smoking with Ranbir Kapoor on the streets of New York became the talking point last year. Now, Hindi Medium star Saba Qamar is facing the wrath of the trolls for the similar reason....

Last year Mahira Khan was mercilessly trolled on social media for smoking a cigarette on the streets on New York with Ranbir Kapoor. Now, fellow Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is in a similar situation. Here's the pic in question:

Saba can be seen getting her make-up done before a shoot, as she holds a cigarette in her hand. Trolls couldn't stay back, and blasted the Hindi Medium actress.

Many from Lollywood have stood up for Saba and are calling out the trolls for shaming her. They are even lashing out at people responsible for leaking her private photos without her consent.