Here’s How The Stage Was Set For The Khilji Vs Ratan Singh Battle In Padmaavat

We all loved the climax scene of Padmaavat where a fierce battle broke out between Alauddin Khilji and Rawal Ratan Singh. Now, brings you how the stage was set for it...

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Here’s How The Stage Was Set For The Khilji Vs Ratan Singh Battle In Padmaavat

Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone-Shahid Kapoor starrer Padmaavat is nearing Rs 150 cr.  Right from the acting to cinematography to the detailing in costumes, every aspect of the film is being appreciated by the audiences.

Must say Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is quite a taskmaster, left no stone unturned to get the most authentic costumes for the lead actors- to begin with. The makers roped in Delhi based designers Vipul Amar and Harsheen Arora to create warrior costumes for Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in the movie.

“They first approached us to create one look for Ranveer Singh’s earlier battles in the film. During this time we had just finished work on a bridal lehenga in leather, they liked the technique that we had employed in that piece, thus they also asked us to create the armour for Shahid Kapoor’s final battle. After Mr. Bhansali saw these armours he then asked us to create one for Khilji’s final battle as well,” says Vipul.

armour making
Armour Making

These armours are a result of back-breaking research not only in terms of their authenticity but also their functionality. The duo consulted an engineer to confirm the mechanics incorporated in the armours. “Authenticity and mobility of the armours was our prime concern as it is imperative that the actor is able to perform stunts in them. Hence, we carried out thorough research on the armours and weapons of the era around which the film revolves. We employed actual historical techniques to create the armours such as cuirboilli technique, sculpting, chiselling, inlaying to name a few, while making sure they align with today’s standards of comfort and weightlessness,” says Vipul.

maharawal ratan singh armour
Maharawal Ratan Singh Armour

Harsheen, who is also a psychologist, analysed Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s character in detail. “Even the colours used for Shahid’s armour show just that. The blood red depicts honour, love, and eagerness to serve one’s land and the deep gold stands for courage, generosity and passion. Not only that, the design elements in Shahid Kapoor’s armour are inspired by sun rays and the chest-plate is coloured like the Rajputana soil at different times of the day. Now if we see the details of the Armour for Maharawal Ratan Singh, the whole suit is a blend of shades of Rajputana Soil, shades of gold and blood maroon. A criss-cross of geometrical design that signifies purpose and direction which drives Rajput bravery. On the chest of the Armour lays an inlay work of Metal wire running on the leather bust--- the mark of Valour. Vipul Amar being a cinematic person created the colour and wire pattern keeping in mind how the camera will see the armour as well. The principle of light and shadow has been the basis of designing these armours,” says Harsheen.

Ranveer Singh’s outfit was made up of 3 different layers. The top chest plate is made from another special kind of Italian Leather and an extensive process of engraving and sculpting has gone into it. The golden jewellery work on the armour is all hand-finished in leather too.

“The leather lions on his shoulders show his strong-headedness. The lions have been chiselled and hammered to bring into form - as part of the technique which is also symbolic to Khilji’s conquest. Also, the darkness of the character has been enhanced by engraving reptile scales on the lion heads. Khilji's armour is larger than life.

Ranveer Singh’s character required an embodiment of pure evil and ruthlessness, to portray this, the top layer as well as the inner vest of the Armour is engraved with Alligator Scales. The skirt of the armour comprises of thousands of Individual fish scales that were engraved and hand crafted from Italian leather and fixed with two pin size metal studs per scale.In addition to that each fish scale was individually coloured in different colours derived from natural elements,” explained Harsheen.

khilji chest plate armour
Khilji Chest Plate Armour

Here are a few pictures of Ranveer and Shahid which have surfaced online, where the duo was seen getting ready for the final scene.

Image Source:Instgram/ShahidKapoor/Twitter/RanveerSingh