Hrithik Roshan Survives A MEDIA HEALTH SCARE

Hrithik Roshan Admitted To Hospital? Daddy Rakesh Says, "Not At All. He Is Fine"

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Hrithik Roshan Survives A MEDIA HEALTH SCARE
We are a bunch of fools who derive sadistic pleasure in creating ripples in society-even if that calls for taking a wrong shot on someone's health and even life. We get sadistic pleasure when our (immature) tweets or WhatsApp text messages begin to reach a larger audience to send them in panic mode. Will we change? I doubt. And I am essentially talking about my fraternity, which again yesterday got very enthu saying that Hrithik Roshan is very unwell and has been admitted to a hospital? Well, yes.

Bas media groups mein aaya and my brothers and sisters took it on face value. Soon the (great) social media went berserk. And the news had obviously reached Papa Rakesh too. Imagine his irritation when he himself is still recuperating from his surgery after he was detected with early stage of cancer just last month. 

Rakesh Roshan

All it required was a phone call or a text to the Roshans to tell if the 'bad' news was true. Rakesh Roshan immediately picked up our call, so what if it was 11 pm? Mumbai does not doze off so early and Papa was obviously wanting the social media to shut up

Said Roshan Sr, "Hrithik is absolutely fine. Not admitted in any hospital."

Ankita L

Phew! My young brethren, please follow the first law of journalism, or at least the basics if you are on any platform- TV, PRINT, RADIO, DIGITAL. Aren't you answerable to someone at least? And I request you to read the stories above which we published last week. No gyaan this, only a method to not dish out a yarn.

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