Kirron Kher’s Comment On Rape Case Gets Trolled, MP Issues Clarification

Actress-turned-Member of Parliament, Kirron Kher said that the victim of the Chandigarh rape case shouldn’t have boarded the rickshaw with three men. The statement irked netizens and they trolled her mercilessly. A few minutes ago, Kirron Kher took to social media to clarify her stand...

Yesterday, during a media interaction, Kirron Kher addressed the Chandigarh rape case.

Kirron Kher said, "Bachi ki samajhdaari ko bhi main thoda sa kehna chahti hun...saari bachiyon already jab koi teen aadmi baithe hue hain uske aapko, beta, usme nahi jaana chahiye."

The statement didn’t go down well with the Internet users and they trolled her mercilessly. Post this, she took to social media to clarify her stand. She wrote, “I did not say it was the victim’s fault that the assault happened to her, I said it is terribly sad what happened to her, and I wish she had availed the PCR facility instead of getting into an auto rickshaw with the three men. I do not want to delegitimise the gravity of this crime, I want to mention constructive ways a tragedy like this can be avoided in the future.”

Check out the entire post here:

Since morning, her statements have irked the netizens and they have been trolling Kher. Check out a few comments:

“The problem with the world is, they want girls to take safety precautions but won't educate the boys to respect girls. #KirronKher (sic),” read a tweet.

Another user shamed Kirron Kher for blaming the victim.

This netizen feels that the MPs should keep their mouth shut.

“What kind of a country is this where it's forbidden to board an auto with fellow human beings? What kind of human beings are these? #kirronkher (sic),” read a post.

This Internet user has lost all respect of Kirron Kher.

This netizen wrote, “Why people sent her to parliament where 500 men were already inside ?”

“#kirronkher Whatever the reason behind Kirronkher saying abt Gangrape Victim, its rubbish.That girl got in the Rickshaw as there was no Rick or transport available, it was urgent. Those Men took advantage, how dare they Rape? They should be hanged. This is what Lher shld hv told (sic),” wrote another Twitter user.

“Once a progressive even feminist actor - today a victim-blaming BJP MP Kirron Kher - shame on you!” read another post.

This user asked Kirron Kher to stop blaming the victim.

“So, the victim is at fault! It’s not surprising this is coming from a BJP MP @KirronKherBJP (that’s their chal charitra chehra) and the wife of @AnupamPkher who, with his pin drop silence, has endorsed death threats to @deepikapadukone (sic),” read this post.

Image Source: instagram/kirronkher